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    GAL Convention in July

    I planned to go and had worked an Alaskan vacation around it........and then they changed the dates of the convention. So unfortunately I can't attend. Frustrating. The good thing, however is I'm still going to Alaska.
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    Carving a Heel

    This is an excellent video and well worth the cost.
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    Help! What is this?

    Try sending your pictures to Aaron Keim at Beansprout Musical Instruments.....he could possibly identify your instrument.
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    Why didn't I think of this before.

    i never thought of this either. This will definitely improve my yield.
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    Ukulele building series

    Great videos, I've enjoyed watching and learning from them. I think the length of them is fine, I wouldn't try to make them shorter. Thanks again for this great effort!
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    What's happening in your shed?

    Very interesting layout and looks awesome, but how do you intend to join the plates below the "soundhole" while maintaining the live edge look of it? Also looks like a lot of end grain glue surface for the plate on the right. Just wondering.
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    VIDEO- Which household product ruined this guitar?

    Enjoyed the video Beau. I appreciate you putting these out.
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    White lines

    I just tried this out and it really works great! Thanks so much for the tip.
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    Mahogany Bending Woes

    My experience with mahogany is that in order to avoid cracking, I need to go heavier on the water, act quickly and start bending at lower temps. I start bending the waist when the temp gets around 210 F, bend the lower bout and then the upper about this time I'm around the 280 F...
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    Building a String-Through Bridge

    Beau Hannam has some excellent info on this topic on his YouTube channel. He also has a great method to avoid using a bead at the end of the string, which I always find annoying.
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    Bending Bald Cypress??

    Does anyone have experience bending Bald Cypress? I have an interesting back and side set of Bald Cypress from a sunken log out of South Carolina. I've searched this and a few other forums and have not found any information on it. I don't have any replacement wood for it so just trying to...
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    I finally finished Build No. 2

    Deleted Post Deleted post.
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    Build No. 2 Completed (more photos)

    Some more pictures of my build #2
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    Build No. 2 Completed (photos)

    Build No. 2 Completed I have been lurking here for quite a few years, soaking up knowledge and SLOWLY building. Finally got the courage up to show off my latest build, which is number 2 to date. A tenor uke (high G) built off the Hana Lima IA plans but modified here and there. Walnut back...
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    Finish of choice for bridge?

    I am curious as to what is the go to finish for your bridges? I follow this forum fairly close and do not recall this being discussed apologies in advance if it has. Thanks so much!
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    Preparation of Head and Tail Block Ends Prior to Gluing Tops and Bottoms?

    Looking for some advice as I proceed with my first build. I have my sides bent and glued to the head and tail blocks. For the back, I have sanded the sides in a 15' radius dish and am wondering how to treat the entire surface of the ends of the head and tail blocks. I can think of two different...
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    Adapting LMI side bending machine for ukulele

    The main problem I had in bending uke sides using this bender was that after I bent the waist fist, the side for the upper bout was sticking up at such an angle that I could not get the bending roller installed without breaking the side. What I came up with was a kind of a hand caul made up...
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    Adapting LMI side bending machine for ukulele

    When I made my form I didn't follow the LMI instructions completely. I used 4 side pieces instead of 3. Here are some pics of the form alone and installed in the bender.
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    Router Suggestions?

    I am getting ready to purchase a router, mainly to be used in a router table, but occasionally I might use it hand operated. I searched here and only found some recommendation for laminate trimmers. I already have a Bosch colt laminate trimmer. I'm looking for some guidance on this purchase...
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