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    Inaudible Melodies

    Nice! Thx a lot ! But which strumming pattern do you use ?
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    Flaaklypa Theme

    jeg kommer fra danmark j bor i tyskland :(
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    Song Help Request Yanni - Nightingale

    Freakin love this song and i would be soo lucky if i had the fingering for the picking part. With picking part i mean the way to play the main melody on the uke.
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    Mad World - Gary Jules

    Wow ! Thx a lot Try it out after i get home from school :D
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    YouTube Uke Song ! We make our own !

    Aloha @ all Uke players out there... I just checked out the Summer Breeze lesson by Aldrine and i really liked the picking part. Then i just added something to it that i found out by i got the idea to post my version on Youtube and everybody can post a new part to the song so we can...
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    Jack Johnson - Belle (w/ accordion solo)

    More JJ Songs !!! Thx a lot ! lovin this song ! :shaka:
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    Song Help Request Jake Shimabukuro - Circle of friends tab ?

    Aloha ! I was wondering if someone of you know the tab for the Song "Circle of friends" by the one and only Jake Shimabukuro....I know youll say it isnt hard to figure out but its hard for me :P
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    Ukulele Session

    Me and my Friends got we just did a video xD Don't take it serious...its just 4 fun ;)
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    99 Red Balloons!!

    The german Version is sooo much better :D:D But whutever...thx for the tab ;)
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    Song Help Request John Lennon - Mind games anyone?

    Yup already found them :D But thx anyway I was just wondering if someone got an Ukulele Version for it including picking if there is one
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    Song Help Request John Lennon - Mind games anyone?

    Aloha @ all Uke Players out there ! :shaka: I was wondering if someone got the tabs for John Lennon's mind games for the uke....soo......anyone out there who got them ?
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    Jack Johnson - Enemy

    thaanxxx....Luvin this song ;)
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    Home-Jack Johnson

    I loovvee youu !!! :D:D:D:D Thaaaaanxxxx
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    Song Help Request Jack Johnson - Home

    haha...feeling like that on evry JJ concert im @ :D
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    How to play Free by Donavon Frankenreiter and Jack Johnson

    Heey guuyzz... Im kinda new into this ukulele thing. Im playing for about 2 Months now and some hours ago i got bored and so i thought of makin an ukulele lesson for the Song Free.... I hope i didn't do too much mistakes... Here you go ;)
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    Song Help Request Jack Johnson - Home

    Aloha Guys !! I was wondering if someone has the uke Chords for Jack Johnsons song Home....I just love JJ and this is the Song i love most of him.... The one who could gimme the tabs would made my day :D
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    Someone know the Chords for this ?

    Wow Thx for the quick answer. Sry 4 not using the Search function. I'm new into Forums and stuff like that. But Thx alot for the links. Next time i'll search 1st :)
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    Someone know the Chords for this ?

    Hi @ all ukulele'lers out there. Im playing the ukulele for 2 1/2 Months now and I was wondering if someone know the Chords for this beautiful Version of Somewhere over the rainbow. Please answer fast :P Imma go on a Trip with my Class...
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