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  1. decaturcomp

    Season 520: 10th Anniversary Dance Party Extravaganza!

    Heck, Yep!! Lots of high fives from Atlanta.
  2. decaturcomp

    Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

    To you have an iPad or the like? I keep all of the songs I write and covers we play on one and make folders for groups of songs like “songs I wrote” and “for the next gig”. I have a stand for it and a Bluetooth foot switch so that I can set it up to show a subset for a particular night, let’s...
  3. decaturcomp

    SOTU 285 Lightnin' Roun'!

    Howdy Seasonistas! There will be some weirdness this Season. I will be checking in daily with more things you can play. I don' want a limit so please forgive if life slows down my respondin'. I think it will be fun to have but one rule. Have fun. I think that fun will be the prizes for this...
  4. decaturcomp

    A few songs this week comin' up

    This Wednesday Throckmorton Ukulele Band plays a Singer/Songwriter open mic. We love these folks we play with there. It's in a little former movie theater from the 30s. Elvis played there a couple of times. I wrote a song about that once. Thursday is our First Thursday Open Mic that I've been...
  5. decaturcomp

    Song Help Request Ridley Bent: "She Got My Nine Pound Hammer, I Got Her Nine Inch Nails"

    Here's my take: Nine Inch Nails C F I met her at a record shop she was into hard rock C G Man we had a wild affair, she moved in and the rent was shared C F We spent a lot...
  6. decaturcomp

    How do I remove an old Poll?

    I'd appreciate a bit of help with this. It was fun but now the poll is casting a pall over my forum? I've looked for a removal tool but can't seem to bump into it. Help?
  7. decaturcomp

    8th Annual Ukulele World Congress- June 3-4th 2016

    I seem to recall being the ones that other folks drifted off too (and possibly woke up to later) a couple of UWCs ago when You and Mandy, Dirk, Young Tim and I sang more than a few.
  8. decaturcomp

    SEASON 204: Rump shaker.

    YT issue I got got this a dozen times this week.. No, not the awesome note from Tommy. :^)
  9. decaturcomp

    Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway in November

    It's commin' up fast! See all of you soon. Sadly, Manitoba Hal can't make it. I hope we see him another time. Sarah and Craig are coming, though and they're like the most amazing folks I know. I wonder how open mic will work this year????
  10. decaturcomp

    Will the Circle be Unbroken? - Season 186

    Howdy friends and neighbors (and I wish more of you were close by), What I propose this week is to sing some good old Country songs along with some new ones that were performed for the three Will the Circle Be Unbroken collections put together by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. People like Doc...
  11. decaturcomp

    SOTUDesigns Tshirts

    Is Just Alright With Me!! SOTU
  12. decaturcomp

    Season 161 of the Ukulele: Novelty Songs

    the hot pink dog in question...
  13. decaturcomp

    Season 157 The Rainbow is Calling.

    We were in California all week. Decided to do one at Joshua Tree National Park although you don't see much of it in the video. I forgot we wouldn't have an Internet connection so had to try a one taker from memory. Forgot one chorus entirely but here with love is it.
  14. decaturcomp


    Did anyone ever write songs for the intro and wrapup videos before? Even if so, I vote for these to be the finest bookends to any Season of the Ukulele so far and as such, with the power vested in my by the fact that I like to make my own rules, declare BEV to be this year's Queen of the...
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