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    Hey Jude fingerpicked

    A casual recording slumped with an ipad lol :) Chris
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    Happy festive season

    Me and a few guys got together with my new risa ellie and here are the results , Have a good one everyone Chris
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    Gretsch G9112

    Hiya all, Been away for a while cos real life can do that sometimes but always had a uke in hand... Anyway I broke a cardinal rule of mine...normally I research ukes like mad before purchasing but the other week was at a drum shop with a few mates ( after all, who would expect them selling...
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    Walking cane ukulele!!!

    Hiya, Just browsing the old Evil=Bay and this is a must see... Comments folks... Chris I know the uke can be an emotional support...
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    Am I just deluding myself!

    Ok I will come clean. My unnatural pessimism could be because I am getting over a cold, and we all know how you feel then but, I'm aware that many here are well versed in music theory and as I've stated in other threads I'm starting to dabble down that road. I drill myself in g cleff and now...
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    Music theory Software

    Hi all, As a uke player for a few years I'm considering learning more music theory...I Have a few books and am ploughing through them slowly but would prefer an interactive software program I could use to learn. Anyone have any experience of them, and any recommendations, Chris It may be...
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    2 new vids - I must be off work for a while

    Hiya, Good news - I've booked a bit of leave this time of year , the bad news is that I have murdered two songs in my slow uke progession, Firstly Then for the Woody Guthrie birthday aniversary, Cheers...
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    Let the mystery Be - Ukified

    Please let me know your thoughts guys, only known of this song a few weeks but think it is a realo Gem, Ta Chris P.S. I know the camera was a bit of but at least you see the handsome bit...the uke
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    Hiya, Using Sony Vegas and just discovered the idea of masking, cutting the outline of myself playing the uke out and placing it in another vid. However we obviously move when playing and the mask stays in the same original outline and does not move when my head moves. I have read you can...
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    Dr Who Adventure games

    Well I'm off work for a few days, and the uke riff I was practicing wasn't going well... I got to the BBC Dr Who site and downloaded the free Gunpowder plot game. It was just like playing in your own episode of Dr Who. For those who don't mind the old point and click adventure titles (I love...
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    String Stupidity

    I must confess to suffering a bit of Koaloha angst over the last few months! When I first got my Koaloha tenor it sang like a beauty! Of course the factory default action was a bit high so I had a go at the bridge, and very gradually over time found the action that suited...Aprox a medium...
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    A barre chording

    Hiya, Extending my knowledge of barre chords and have come across the the G barre played with the high G one step down...e.g 1343 tried barring with first finger but find the g shape difficult, and wondered how you guys pull this one off. I normally use 5343 but would love to be able tu...
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    VIP and UU

    Are there any plans to amalgamate these programs (VIP and UUU, sorry I missed the extra U in the heading and cannot edit it lol!) into one possible subscription offer and is all the stuff (streaming vids etc) in UU archived so that if members are not available for the stuff they can access them...
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    Danny Boy & Over the Rainbow

    I love this book and use it as part of my practice....Hard to judge as I don't religiously practice these songs every day and sometimes only give a song the one over before my playtime in practice! And in reality, why should we....the reward of playing and memorizing them deserves...
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    Doctor Who Theme (WS64 Version)

    Great rendition and great tab :) Chris
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    Boat Paddle Custom M

    Regarding the review at Dunno whether to love you for the review...or hate you for starting my UAS spiralling in a direction I hadn't seen before! Not honestly I was...
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    Snark tuners v Kwik Tune

    Hiya, SO I've decided to get myself a chromatic tuner and Snark seem to be up there (open to suggestions here) as it clips to the uke. However in my google searches I keep getting 'Snark by Snark' and 'Snark by Quik tune'. Are these two different brands and is one better than the other or the...
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    Lute like uke?

    I say lute but really something similar to the Baroq-ulele which I have seen mixed comments about concerning volume but dunno about tone. Are their any other alternative lute/ uke combos, or any lutherers making them atm...UAS strikes for something a bit different? Thanks, Chris P.S. I...
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    Glastonbury 2011

    Hiya and wonder if some of you ukers can help..? Someone at work tipped me off that ukuleles were being played at Glastonbury this year, but apart from a uke class listed I cannot find an artist I recognise amongst them and wonder if anyone has any details? Regards, Chris, P.S. Ken...
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