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  1. davoomac

    How to turn your hand into a NINJA!!

    Just watch it and you will see!
  2. davoomac

    How do I teach a group of uke players all at various levels of skill?

    I've been asked to help out at church with a group of about 8 kids who want to learn the ukulele. Some of the kids have been playing for a few months and can play basic chords and learn different strumming patterns. Others literally just picked up a uke the other week and have no clue what...
  3. davoomac

    Tonight Show with Conan Obrien

    Was anyone else on Team Coco like me? Conan's final words: What a classy guy!
  4. davoomac

    Anyone watch Chuck?

    Maybe its my nerdy/geeky side that finds chuck so appealing... However, It has a nice mixture of comedy, action, and romance don't you think? Agree? disagree?
  5. davoomac

    Through the Fire and the flames tab

    Ha! way awesome! Now thatd be a fun one to learn :P
  6. davoomac

    Don't Stop Believing - Journey

    nice post! I'll never get tired of this song. EVER.
  7. davoomac

    better together-jack johnson

    You are very welcome! :D Hope it helped!
  8. davoomac

    did anyone else think this was kind of odd?

    No really, how come we are advertising for ukraine singles? is it because google ads thought UKulele and UKraine were the same? LOL:rofl:
  9. davoomac

    Lemonade by Passion

    where are you learning all this?? only one week and you know all kinds of stuff! :eek:
  10. davoomac

    Lemonade by Passion

    +rep if the board would let me give you any more. thanks for the chords man! I always wondered what the chords were on the ukulele. You know for the guitar version, I play: 5x555x x5454x 3x443x 4x343x Are these right? sounds good to me, maybe I could use 'better' chords?
  11. davoomac

    Song Help Request When the lights burn out - chris cendana

    Someone posted those chords earlier, but daaznguy wanted the actual chords I guess? BTW, what happened to his YT video? I just watched it yesterday.
  12. davoomac

    Song Help Request When the lights burn out - chris cendana

    haha let us know how it goes! and you better post a video or something! :)
  13. davoomac

    Song Help Request When the lights burn out - chris cendana

    So persistent! I think I was able to figure out his jazzed up chords for his guitar version so here are the chords: Intro and Ending: Eadd9, G#m7, F#m7, B7 Verse and Chorus: Eadd9, G#m7, C#m7, Bm7, E7, Asus2, G#m7, F#m7, B7 Here's the fingerings for the fancy chords (its GCEA for this notation...
  14. davoomac


    Good to see some nice suggestions on here! After grad in May I'm supposed to head up to Ballard for summer as well. I really need to check out that dusty strings and the trading musician when I get there! Hope to see you guys there!
  15. davoomac

    TETRIS Brick theme Tab

    Have you seen the thread that explains how to post tabs? you need to use the CODE feature because it uses a font that spaces out the text evenly.
  16. davoomac

    Song Help Request When the lights burn out - chris cendana

    Are you looking for ukulele tabs or guitar tabs? When I can I will try to make guitar tabs for it. He uses some fancier chords than the ones he posted. :)
  17. davoomac

    Better Together by Jack Johnson TAB

    weird because I just made it a few minutes before I posted it up here.:p I've been swamped with university classes. NEVER take 21 creds and work nearly full time!! takes away too much uke time!
  18. davoomac

    Better Together by Jack Johnson TAB

    Okay, so I made a tutorial for this song on ukulele a long time ago, and I never got around to making the tab for it. I'm terribly slow at getting around to that kinda stuff. After many requests, here is the tab that goes along with this video tutorial: Better Together Tutorial Part 1 Better...
  19. davoomac

    Good TV shows that got cancelled

    Anyone have any shows that they were following and the networks cancel them? I actually kept up with Journeyman when it was on. It was really similar to quantum leap. They had a good story arc going and they canceled the show right when they were going to reveal an important part of the...
  20. davoomac

    So my hilo was accidentally left in the car and bridge popped off! help!

    So during church on Sunday my old soprano hilo ukulele was left in the car. Luckily for me, it was one of the hottest days in weeks. When I checked back, the bridge was popped off because the glue melted from the heat I guess. Any suggestions? This was the ukulele I wanted to spruce up for...
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