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  1. Croaky Keith

    Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

    Yep, it's been a while, but I see the stalwarts are still here......... :D Found my log in details again, so thought I'd pop back in & have a look around..... :) I might even dust off those old ukes of mine...... ;) Hope everyone is keeping well.
  2. Croaky Keith

    Harmonica kit...

    Are you sure he wants to stay with diatonics(?), you can get a decent chromatic around the £150 mark, which will have all the notes & incidentals, (sharps/flats). I'd ask him what interests him in his harmonica playing, that would then give you a better clue as to what to buy. Also, I'd advise...
  3. Croaky Keith

    Favorite Sports?

    I'm OK, Dick, just getting back to getting out & about after the Covid lockdowns - gotta retrain the muscles.... ;) Never too old - but the body may not be willing.......feeling my age a bit lately too. :D
  4. Croaky Keith

    Favorite Sports?

    I'm now into kick scooting, looks a bit like cycling, but is more like running, without the stress on your joints. :)
  5. Croaky Keith

    La F

    Your post is missing an 'r' - LarF ;)
  6. Croaky Keith

    The 'super'/'long neck' thread.

    Just for something to do, I thought I'd start this thead, to see who/how many own such instruments, what they like about them, etc. So, if you have one, & would like to discuss it/them with other like minded people, this is the place. :music:
  7. Croaky Keith

    Food Forum

    I'd ask one of the moderators - if lots of recipes got posted under one thread title it will get very messy very quickly - they may be able to start a 'Food' specific forum under 'General' - worth a try at least.
  8. Croaky Keith

    Kick scooter owners...

    Hi all, I've just become the proud owner of my first adult kick scooter, (at the age of 70 ;) ) - a Swifty Zero.... :cool: Anyone else use a kick scooter?
  9. Croaky Keith

    Greensleeves, Low G

    Very nicely played, thanks, an old favourite of mine. :)
  10. Croaky Keith

    Jake Shimabukuoro One Hour LIVE Stream tonight

    Thanks for that, grabbed a copy to listen to tomorrow. :)
  11. Croaky Keith

    Jake Shimabukuoro One Hour LIVE Stream tonight

    Doubt if it can be seen/heard, if not a member, so that one's a no go for me. :(
  12. Croaky Keith

    Farewll Friends.

    Farewell Friends. Seems like UU is to be no more, or at least, as we have known it. :( I will now have to try & find another forum to converse on about ukes - so unless we meet on another forum - I'd just like to say that it has been a pleasure to have known you all, & wish you well for the...
  13. Croaky Keith

    Strings Recommendations for baritone strings?

    I use Living Water fluorocarbons on my bari, you might like to try them too. :)
  14. Croaky Keith

    Seasons Greetings 2019

    May I take this opportunity of wishing all my Seasonista friends, & new Seasonistas, a Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year. :music:
  15. Croaky Keith

    Song Help Request I Need help!

    Old people & resistance to new things, it's well known, & they/we don't want to change, but that's not the point. As above it's about giving your audience what they would like to hear, & maybe even join in with. Put it to your 'old farts' - are you playing for yourself, or your audience. :music:
  16. Croaky Keith

    Ukulele Hats

    Always thought you'd styled yourself after Acker Bilk....
  17. Croaky Keith

    Scottish songs

    Thanks for these, I seem to be favouring Scottish tunes on my harmonicas & whistles lately, so I may get around to trying some of these out on uke too.
  18. Croaky Keith

    Patsy Cline

    Thanks for these, I haven't heard them in a while, I'll have to go online & have a listen to her again. :)
  19. Croaky Keith

    Strings Do fluorocarbon strings start to sound more like nylons after a while?

    I think nylon strings on guitar are fine, as are steel strings, but when you come down to the uke, the length of the scale is more suited to finer strings, such as the fluorocarbons, which allow for more/better vibrations, over that of nylon.
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