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  1. mokai

    Uke Spotted: Megamind

    Brad Pitt does the voice of a character who plays an ukulele in this movie check out the trailer
  2. mokai

    Uluru II Concert Ukulele

    This is an Uluru II by Ayers Guirtars To me, less is more, and this ukulele has it all.(I am not a fan of the plastic rosettes and bindings of similar priced ukuleles) Solid sapelle top, back, sides, and (3pc) neck Rosewood fretboard and bridge Bone nut and (compensated) saddle Satin finish...
  3. mokai

    Mainland Banjo-uke Prototype

    For those interested. Mike at Mainland released a sound sample of his Banjo-uke prototype
  4. mokai

    Ohana SK-35 Solid Mahogany Soprano

    GONE thanks UU If a mod sees this, feel free to close this thread
  5. mokai

    Limited Kala Cedar/Koa Cutaway Concert w/ Active Pickup <SOLD>

    SOLD SOLD SOLD thank you UU KA-KCE-CT-C Concert size Solid Cedar top Laminate Koa Back and Sides Mahogany neck Maple binding Cutaway 20 frets Rosewood Fretboard and Bridge New Aquila strings Active Shadow Pickup I took off the closed gear tuners and replaced them with open geared grover...
  6. mokai

    FS: Lanikai All Solid Mahogany Concert LSM-C

    Lanikai LSM-C sold
  7. mokai

    FS: Shadow preamp with Nanoflex Pickup

    changed my mind
  8. mokai

    FS: Koa Pili Koko Acacia Concert

    sold sold sold sold
  9. mokai

    Firefox Personas

    Check this out A ukulele persona for firefox users you can also create your own
  10. mokai

    Kala Tweed Hardcase - Tenor

    SOLD!!! I figured I should post it here before I try craigs list
  11. mokai

    Solid koa Lanikai concert LK-1C

    SOLD Lanikai LK-1C
  12. mokai

    Unused Mi-Si activie pickup with LR baggs Element

    SOLD, thank you UU
  13. mokai

    Kala Acacia Tenor

    gone.. thank you UU
  14. mokai

    Song Help Request Julia Nunes-Survivor

    He's Super!(powered) Thanks for asking!
  15. mokai

    FS: Kala KA-T

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