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  1. haolejohn

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 23!

    So the thread doesn’t move along like it used to. what’s everyone been up to? Don? Father Pere?
  2. haolejohn

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 23!

    I noticed that. But I won’t lie. I got a big smile on my face when I saw you were still here.
  3. haolejohn

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 23!

    It’s just random talk and man friendships were born out of this thread.
  4. haolejohn

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 23!

    The thread has many years of history. More than 10. I’ve been around since the first chapter but haven’t been a regular in at least 6 years?? been a long time since I’ve posted here.
  5. haolejohn

    Song Help Request 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

    Does your church not have a praise team? Where at in TN are you? Like how close to nashville? I will try and get a video up of this song to kind of show you. I suck, but not that bad. And our worship leader can play this song on guitar so it'll be me and her. Hopefully I can get it up. Of course...
  6. haolejohn

    Song Help Request 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

    I play this song regularly but I am not sure what strum pattern I use. I just play what sounds right. If I am playing it with someone else, I usually follow them. Are you trying to make it sound like Matt? or are you going to change it a little bit? Take a recording and hold your uke while you...
  7. haolejohn

    Asking for a little help

    Ukulele Underground, I come to you asking for help. Last winter I destroyed two Ukes while traveling in the extreme Alaskan winter for my job (SPED teacher) inter village. I was a little stupid I only carried a solid wood uke with a gig bag only. And the dolphin wasn't even in a case or bag...
  8. haolejohn

    Mya moe banjolele. Not mine

    Found this locally. Looks great. Spoke to the gentleman who owns it and seemed class act.
  9. haolejohn

    For sale: Mele double puka 6 string mahogany tenor with hardshell case

    Why? I bought a guitar and have to pay for it. Specs: a couple years old. I bought it for around $400, I don't remember. It is solid mahogany with a few dings on it. Tried to photo them (hopefully you can see them). Currently strung low g and low a with worth browns. It's been in a case since...
  10. haolejohn

    Bought a new Guitar...Hope I didn't screw up.

    I found a breedlove passport c200/smp on Ebay for less than $200 with free shipping. It was a floor model. Has a p/u and solid spruce top. Figured why not...any feedback on them?
  11. haolejohn

    Song Help Request Billie Jean - James Hill Version

    I tried, but it would have required me to sell my soul to the devil. Even though Tommy from O Brother Where art Thou wasn't using his soul...I plan on using mine:)
  12. haolejohn

    Ukulele Fashion?

    My big little one "found" her ukulele. She was so excited that I had to let her carry it home. She carried it all the way to the house (not that far) and then when she fell down on the one ice puddle, she cried "My ukulele fell down!" and then she cried:( Notice her fashion?
  13. haolejohn

    Happy Birthday Marines!

    Happy birthday to all the US Marines here on UU!! Happy 238th.
  14. haolejohn

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 17!

    Here is the new uke
  15. haolejohn

    For sale-Mele solid koa b/s with redwood top and misi tenor

    $600 Or BEST OFFER!! Unfortunately life happens and instruments have to be sold. Mele redwood top koa back and sides cut away tenor with misi and case. Uke is in excellent shape with a few dings around plug in from either installation of the pick up or me missing the hole (jokes are on me)...
  16. haolejohn

    Beautiful-vineyard worship

    It's an oldie, but a great one. Not greatest but it is a video. First one in a long time.
  17. haolejohn

    outdoor ukulele abuse

    I took my outdoor uke on a 50 mile hike this past week. I left the uke in the car for about 4 days prior to my trip. I strapped it to my pack and went. First i want to say that this uke is one tough cookie. I have factory tuners still and i have not perfected tuning this uke, but i find drubbing...
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