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    Kamaka Disney special edition ukuleles

    I think they are for Disney lovers, not necessarily just collectors. Some Disney lovers will hang them on their walls. Others like Disney enough to enjoy playing them despite the "Disney tax".
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    New question on file uploads

    I don't think this site is setup for video file hosting. Everyone generally uploads their videos to YouTube, then post a link here.
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    New Uke Day (NUD) Koaloha KSM-03 (2003)

    I'm pretty sure the slant of the bridge is caused by the dishing of the soundboard. I've seen that on other Koalohas.
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    Eddie Kamae & the Sons of Hawaii - OOP LP from mid-60s

    Troy Fernandez currently performs around Southern California:
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    New Uke Day (NUD) Koaloha KSM-03 (2003)

    The warp in the soundboard may be due to poor humidification. You can try boosting the humidity for a couple of weeks and see if that helps.
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    Roadie 3 tuning machine

    Is the $130 Roadie tuner any better than the Enya smart tuner that costs $45 on Amazon? I don't have enough ukuleles to make these things interesting to me, even when the Enya tuner was $40 last month.
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    Eddie Kamae & the Sons of Hawaii - OOP LP from mid-60s

    If you ask younger ukulele players, like Aldrine, what inspired their ukulele careers, they will often say it was great ukulele performers like Jake Shimabukuro and Troy Fernandez (of the Ka'au Crater Boys). If you ask Jake and Troy who inspired them, they will usually Peter Moon, who recorded a...
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    Eddie Kamae & the Sons of Hawaii - OOP LP from mid-60s

    fyi - the Hawaii Music Archives YouTube channel posted 4 more Eddie Kamae / Sons of Hawaii albums today. Click here for their YouTube page: They now have 6 full length albums, separated into 10 to 12 songs per album:
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    Kala or Ohana

    34mm nut width seems unusually narrow to me. I agree that concert scale length is a big difference; not necessarily a plus or minus, just a very noticeable difference in feel and sound.
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    Eddie Kamae & the Sons of Hawaii - OOP LP from mid-60s

    fyi - the YouTube channel "Hawaiian Music Archives" just posted 2 complete albums "The Sons Of Hawaii – Grassroots Music" (1980) and "Eddie Kamae Presents The Sons Of Hawaii" (1976). They also have a lot of other out-of-print Hawaiian Renaissance ukulele music like the Peter Moon Band and the...
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    Kamaka tone

    Depends a lot on your playing style and the type of music you like to play. I consider Kamakas to have a sweeter tone than Kanilea and especially Koaloha.
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    Going down the Japanese Uke rabbit hole

    I enjoy Kiyoshi Kobayashi's song books. The songs all have full musical notation and tablature and sound good without being too difficult to play. I also have some books by KYAS and TT.Cafe that are a little more difficult, but still fun to play. These are all Japanese language books, but...
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    Kamaka Disney special edition ukuleles

    Looks like at least one member of this forum already has one of the Stitch models (on the left in the original post photo).
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    Kamaka Disney special edition ukuleles

    For you Disney fans, Kamaka posted this to Facebook today. I believe these special edition Disney ukuleles were previously only available to guests at the Disney hotel on Oahu. Now they are available in the Kamaka showroom in Honolulu as well. They are made-in-Hawaii Kamaka koa ukuleles with...
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    Enya EUC-X1M Concert REVIEW

    The concert Enya HPL is noticeably louder than the round soprano Enya HPL, but still quieter than the Martin HPL ukuleles (concert or soprano). The Enyas are also significantly heavier and less comfortable to play than the Martin HPL ukuleles.
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    Opportunity to opine

    If your priorities are very sturdy and cheap and not terrible sounding and can be used with a strap, these 2 are hard to beat. I think the most recent versions of both of these have strap buttons pre-installed.
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    Opportunity to opine

    They are fine if you prefer the slim size. Sound quality may not be as rich as a full-sized ukulele. You should compare for yourself in a store that sells both.
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    Opportunity to opine

    Kiwaya/Famous laminate instruments are great with a loud clear sound. They are also available in concert size if you want something a little bigger and louder. Martin makes HPL ukuleles that are very good (IMHO). Only the concert-scale Martin HPL ukulele is in production right now, but I've...
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    KoAloha opens The Vault

    Mostly for collectors, not players.
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    Martin Soprano and Hawaiian Music

    There was another thread in this forum recently about the late great Eddie Kamae. What brand of ukulele is he playing in this photo?
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