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    Nalu Kaikoo Tenor

    Timestamp Heres my timestamp!! i'm real i swear!! :p click on image to see it big. i dont know whats up with my uploads
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    Nalu Kaikoo Tenor

    also ill include the case
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    Nalu Kaikoo Tenor

    This Nalu Kaikoo Tenor, has... -Gloss black solid spruce top -solid zebra wood sides and back -Black binding -Inlaid Abalone -Active Mi-Si pickups inside, instead of batteries you just plug the charger into the input of the Nalu and all it takes is one minute to charge up and your good to go...
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    Nalu Uke

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    Nalu Uke

    Maybe this helps..
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    Nalu Uke

    Didn't know where i should post this because there is no "Selling tips" board. Does anyone know, roughly, how much a used Nalu Kaikoo would be worth?? if its in good condition?? i know you cant tell exactly but i just need a ballpark estimate. Thanks!!
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    Sweep Picking anyone?

    I have been extremely curious about sweep picking on the Ukulele. I have several friends who play guitar and they always ask me to try and learn how to sweep pick, i think it a very cool technique that id like to learn but i am having trouble finding any references or videos of anyone doing...
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    Jack Johnson - Belle (w/ accordion solo)

    Thanks for posting this! My friend and i performed this at an open mic, he rocked the guitar/vocals and i did the accordian solo on my Uke! keep up the good work!!
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    Pick up helpp

    Iv been wanting to figure out a couple things about pickups What are some good brands for acoustic pickups?? and does anyone know roughly how much it would cost to have one installed in a uke?? iv been needing a uke with a pickup in it and i don't particularly want to buy a new one if i can...
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    D' help!

    I went into guitar showcase (Ukulele source was closed) looking for some d'addario strings for my tenor. i knoww j71 is the way to go but they didnt have them, so i got 65s. the package tells me to tune B F# D A, but iw as gonan just to gcea anyway will this work? or no?
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    Risa Les Paul

    are they really worth the money? i was looking at them and doing research and they seem to be very good, but i haven't seen any good videos of them being played. and how are they in comparison to eleukes and such?? thanks! :o:o
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    Song Help Request Hoist that rag -Tom waits

    i was watching this video and i was wondering if any1 had any tabs or music for it??
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    Song Help Request campire song song?

    ne1 know where i can find the chords? i was looking for it but i had a hard time campfire song song from spongebob! thank you =) :shaka::shaka::shaka::shaka:
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    mah viddeoo, raindropss keep fallin on mah headd

    i was a little camera shy and messed up a couple times, but here it is!!! wahhooo!!:cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers:
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    Sweep picking?

    is it possible on the uke?? If so does anyone have a video or something of it??
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    Song Help Request Let's Dance??

    does anyone know where there is some Let's Dance tabs by Jake Shimabukuro?? its my favorite song by him and i reallyy wanna learn it thanks :) :nana::nana::nana:
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    San Jose Jam- 2/22- Save the Date!!!

    Since you guys are all around san jose.. Yo, since you guys are all around San Jose, i thought id just tell y'all about a ukulele store on 599 5th street in japantown, its a really cool place you guys should check it out!!
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    Bay Area Ukers

    W00t San Jose Ukers RULE :music::music::music::music:
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    Aldrine's Brown Eyed Girl

    hmm thanks!! this tab is awesome, but does anyone have the tab for the solo?
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