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    Figured koa

    Thanks Pete. Glad I stocked up when I did. I was bitten by the builders “tick” in 2014 and it forever changed my life, and nearly bankrupted me for several years. I was truly beyond human aid. Just ask my wife. Nearly lost her as well. But, I was lucky to have “invested”. Okay, some call it...
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    Resawing advice

    I have a billet of some compression koa that I would like to cut for some tenor size or smaller ukus. It measures about 20
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    All walnut top, back sides, and neck

    Hi, Thanks for posting on the walnut build. I have a customer requesting I build a concert taropatch with some fiddleback walnut b&s a d spruce top. The only problem is I’ve never built one yet and I’m kinda sweating bending the sides. Guess I’ll be searching this site for pointers.
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    8 string slot head routing jig

    I went out on a branch on this one.
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    5, 6 or 8 string Soprano?

    I have a client requesting a custom soprano 8 string ukulele build. I have never even seen an 8 string soprano let alone to try an build one. The challenge sounds interesting but, probably not possible. The poor little thing would probably tear itself apart without massive bracing which would...
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    Neck reinforcement

    I’ve read a bit regarding the us of CF to reinforce necks but it just so happens I have a good amount of Ipe stashed away and wonder what any builders thoughts are on using it instead of CF?
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    Hemlock Soundboard?

    I scored some nice quarter sawn hemlock and used it for the soundboard on my first soprano (which I swore I’d never lower myself to play) but, I love the sound so much I can’t seem to put the darn thing down. Get as much as you can!
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    neck alignment

    Hi Tony, I had that neck, bridge alignment disaster happen on my first builds a couple of times too many. Drove me insane so I threw all my insanity into a master plan mold, solera Mcgyver thingamajig and came up with an indexed jig thing to build around the centerline for all sizes. Here’s a...
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    String break angle help

    Haha, the day I can get to making a Hoffman style pinned nut in 30 mins will be more than welcome. I just think its a brilliant design. Just gotta get it a little more dialed in. For giggles n shits, here’s a couple of pics at my feeble attempts.
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    String break angle help

    I have been doing some reading on string break angle at the saddle of my first soprano project and have a question as to the proper break angle at the nut and hoping to for some help. The neck angle is 0 degree angle. The head stock angle is 13 degrees. So what would be optimal angle for the...
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    Fretboard / bridge glue down

    Another newbie bone head question: When building with a bolt on neck and a string through bridge, can the finish on the box be left on under the area under the bridge and fingerboard extension ?
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    Laminated Arch Back

    Speaking of fretboards got me doing some measurements on different templates. One from Stewmac and one from Waldron. It occurs to me now (a bit too late) why some of my builds don’t sound the same! Argh! Think I’ll make my own from here on!
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    Laminated Arch Back

    Thanks Beau, I’m calling it a parabolic convex arched dome with a 12’ outer radius and a 15’ mating radius...... Not! That sounds ridiculous.. Lol! Anyway, I’m still trying to figure a way to make the male/female molds you mentioned. I’d like to try cutting those molds out of aluminum and...
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    Laminated Arch Back

    Been working on an experimental project (laminated back and sides) tenor ukulele with an arch back. On the next one I’d like to use a heat press with male and female forms to press the shape I’m after using solid wood the way Bruko is doing them and wonder if anyone has any experience in this...
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    All spruced up

    All for $200 bucks. Early Xmas this year.
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    All spruced up

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    Binding tape tear out

    Is there any fixes for binding tape tear out other than scraping flush? Thanks for any tips!
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    Brace wood

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    Laminated Arch/Dome Tenor Back

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    Bowling lanes

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