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  1. therimidalv

    Song Help Request Cas Haley,Show You Love

    Hey all, I recently heard this song and I really want to get it down for christmas. All I could gather is it starts out with F# A# and C# I THINK.... anybody help with this one?
  2. therimidalv

    Hawaii Pacific University?

    Hey guys! So May 1st is coming up, and I still need to pick my college except I haven't yet. I live near Boston Massachusetts and was needing your opinion on Hawaii Pacific University especially if by chance anyone goes there. I feel like I would love it there be honestly have no clue besides...
  3. therimidalv

    Song Help Request "Sunday Morning" K-Town Heroes CD version

    Hey there everyone! I was looking and listening around and I just love the version on The K-Town Heroes CD. I Think I got the 1st picking part down, but I'm having MUCHO trouble with the chords. Is there anyone that can help me out?:rolleyes:
  4. therimidalv

    CD review of Jake Shimabukuro's "Across the Universe"

    I'm sorry mods if this is in the wrong spot. So I got this CD for Christmas and I LOVE it!The tone is great song selection is perfect and is just altogether neat. Here's my brief opinion and review of the album song by song: Help!: Great song to start off the album. happy and upbeat, it really...
  5. therimidalv

    Song Help Request (Bullet For My Valentine)

    hey man! Welp, im sorry I don't have any real TABS you can go to this website: They have real good tabs and chords, and so any chords on the guitar would be the same for uke so you use a chord chart to find them and there you have it! :p Here's a motivational...
  6. therimidalv

    Infant Sorrow-Inside of You

    Nice dude! I love the movie and the songs are GREAT. Thanks again, I was actually looking for these!
  7. therimidalv


    I live 'bout half hour south of boston :D
  8. therimidalv

    MGM's stringing?

    I didn't quite know where to put this but I thought here would be best. So I've always wondered how MGM string his ukes at the saddle. Its very pretty, and it seems to hold much better than any knot. Anyone, or even MGM yourself, could you maybe give a little tutorial how to string it like that...
  9. therimidalv

    Onboard tuners????

    I recently was playing my friends new acoustic with an on board tuner. It was SO helpful!!! So naturally I was wondering if any ukes had them also? and if not would it be possible to install them??:anyone:
  10. therimidalv

    Song Help Request Dare You to Move- Switchfoot

    lol nvm I didn't see the uke chords on the right my-bad XD
  11. therimidalv

    Song Help Request Dare You to Move- Switchfoot

    hmmm... with this how would you go about doing the Dsus2/G? would you play: a normal Dsus2 with finger on the E string 4th fret?
  12. therimidalv

    Landon Pigg - Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop

    So I was watching TV the other day and the AT&T commercial came on and this song played. Beautiful. So, I was wondering if anyone could help me make it ukified so I can play this for my girlfriend. Any help would be huge. Thanks guys!:shaka:
  13. therimidalv

    The "Roost" Isle????

    I was recently searching the net for a school project when I saw this article and I made me laugh, seeing as how "A.G." had them all the time. I found it quite fun to read.
  14. therimidalv

    CT,MA,NY,RH Ukers Unite(?)

    thad be sweet! problem is just how many of use would there be to make this happen you know?
  15. therimidalv

    Cliffs of Dover

    No way dude! Man, you're my hero this song is great. I'm not afraid to admit, I did first hear this song on Guitar Hero, but now I love it, and I thank you sir.:D
  16. therimidalv

    Song Help Request La Grange-ZZ Top

    haha I'd like to 2nd that, the riff would be beast on uke for sure!
  17. therimidalv

    'A'ohe Like Me 'Oe (Nothing Compares 2 U) - Daniel Ho / The Coconutz

    Sesso! My hero! Thanks man! Haha I was trying to figure it out but couldn't.:D Thanks man!
  18. therimidalv

    'A'ohe Like Me 'Oe (Nothing Compares 2 U) - Daniel Ho / The Coconutz

    I was actually working with the song by the Coconutz more deeply, and its in a different key. therefore I found it like this: B, F#, E, B C#m, B - verse Emaj7, B, Emaj7,B, C#m7 - chorus Emaj7, B, C#m7, F# - Bridge I dunno It sounds pretty right to me, :confused: problem with the song is that...
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