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  1. leftovermagic84

    A great deal on a Lanikai LU-11 from Amazon

    under 40 bucks shipped
  2. leftovermagic84

    traveling with music

    So how do you take your music along with you when you travel around? I'm talking lyrics and chords, ideally as compact as possible. Right now I have a 3 ring binder, but the uke itself is more portable than the music. What are you guys using?
  3. leftovermagic84

    Song Help Request Don't Trust Me - 3OH!3

    the chords are Am F C G the whole way through
  4. leftovermagic84

    electronic songbook for your headstock

    too big for a uke? I'm sure it would upset the balance quite a bit, but it's an interesting concept
  5. leftovermagic84

    An article on forum etiquette This is hands down the nicest and best forum I've ever visited on the net, but I came across this article and thought it made a...
  6. leftovermagic84

    Song Help Request Still Alive Tab?

    the chords are the same between ukulele and guitar.
  7. leftovermagic84

    My attempt at a wall hanger

    So I was inspired by eculuke's wall hangers and decided to give it a go. Overall it was a pretty simple project, I actually used a shelf that I turned flat to get a dual layered hanger. my excitement for having finishing the project, I made a stupid mistake hanging it right against...
  8. leftovermagic84

    WTB mainland red cedar soprano or concert

    I'm just putting feelers out on this one. Is anyone looking to unload a mainland red cedar soprano, or possibly even a concert? drop me a line.
  9. leftovermagic84

    should i upgrade my flea fingerboard?

    Ok, so the marker that came was a bold tip, which made things a little tricky, but here's what i ended up with
  10. leftovermagic84

    Fluke Gigbag free to good home

    So the gigbag that comes with the fluke is just laying around. I upgraded to a fully padded bag for my fluke, and I don't need the original anymore. If anyone could use it, just drop me your address, it's only gathering dust here. quick edit: continental US only please, sorry foreigners, no...
  11. leftovermagic84

    F/S Tenor Hard Foam Case

    I was looking through my cases and realized that I have a couple extras, one of which is this tenor case that I ordered and never got around to using. It turns out, once I installed the strap button, the uke is too big, so I need a bari case. I'm looking to unload this lanikai tenor sized hard...
  12. leftovermagic84

    Strings coiled on headstock

    This is probably a silly question, but every once in a while I see a ukulele strung up with a coil of extra string around each tuner on the headstock. Is this an extra string in case one breaks, or just the unclipped remainder of the original string? Is there a purpose for this, or is it...
  13. leftovermagic84

    Lanikai S-T (solid spruce top, tenor)

    So after an impulse purchase this morning that I just couldn't pass up, I'm putting up my Lanikai S-T to preemptively appease the wife. I really love this uke, but I love my marriage more. So here's the details: Lanikai solid spruce top tenor ukulele (model S-T) strung with worth brown...
  14. leftovermagic84

    Song Help Request tuesdays gone....

    I changed they key a bit to make the chords easier through Chordie. I use G, D, Em, C, G, D, C through the verses and G, F, C, G, D, C for the chorus also, the intro picking might be something along the lines of A||------------------------0--------0---0------------------------0-------0---...
  15. leftovermagic84

    For those of us who didn't win Deach's 6 string

    I stumbled across this one on Amazon of all places, a Lanikai 6 string tenor with a solid spruce top for 125 shipped. That's tough to beat. It looks like they only have a couple left, but for those of us on a budget, it's an option, right...
  16. leftovermagic84

    post requirement for marketplace

    So there's what looks like the second scam by the same person up in the marketplace right now, both IDs were low post numbers. Is there a way to require a certain number of posts before somebody can list in the marketplace for our protection?
  17. leftovermagic84

    a mainland on craigslist

    I keep an eye on a few craigslists, one of which is atlanta GA, where my folks are. This is a pretty sweet price for a mainland, even if it is a second. Hope it helps someone.
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