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  1. Uncle-Taco

    Utah Ukelele Players Meeting

    It's the 25th, ain't it? That's next week. Phhhttt!!! Nope. My bad. You're right. 25th. Week after next.:wtf:
  2. Uncle-Taco

    Guitar/Uke with License Plate Top

    Somewhere in my wanderings and browsings, I came across a site that had pictures of CB-style ukes (and maybe guitars and/or banjos) with license plates for tops. It was pretty cool, and now that I've retired my vanity plates, I'd like to look into that. I can't find any reference to it...
  3. Uncle-Taco

    Not bookmatched, just MATCHed!

    I had never heard of this: Pretty neat!
  4. Uncle-Taco

    Song Help Request Stanton Island Slide

    Yep. Dominator has tabs and videos. Here's another one, an interesting tutorial on getting the picking pattern accurate:
  5. Uncle-Taco

    Heeeeeere, kitty, kitty, kitty...

    I'm considering getting a cat. I have surprisingly little experience with cats for someone who was an RVN in a past life (that's a CVT nowadays: certified vet tech), but I do like them and enjoy their varying personalities and forms. I am drawn to the modern ("extreme" or "wedge head")...
  6. Uncle-Taco

    Utah Ukulele Meet Up

  7. Uncle-Taco

    Song Help Request Does it sound right when guys' sing "You're so Vain?"

    To *ME* it doesn't sound right when anybody who isn't Carly Simon sings it, but I'm a disputatious old curmudgeon who can't sing, so it doesn't matter what I think. :D Yeah, why not? Give it a try. Should be a nice uke tune, anyway.
  8. Uncle-Taco

    Winnie The Pooh

    That's awesome! I started on Pooh's "Cottleston Pie," but I got distracted. I'll have to get back to that one.
  9. Uncle-Taco

    Song Help Request MY Cherie Amour?!

    That guy is GREAT. I like the chord arrangement, too. Thanks for posting that. I searched and found this one. I loved watching the guys after the modulation. You could tell they had worked on it a lot and started getting that feeling: "I think we're actually going to get through it!"
  10. Uncle-Taco

    Utah Ukulele Meet Up

    I vote we move it across the street to Fiddler's Elbow and get a few cold ones in us. I can stand my own singing that way. :D :cheers:
  11. Uncle-Taco

    Song Help Request Sweet Pea Help (contest?)

    I agree with getting yourself a uke and working on it. It's not a really hard tune, and "Sweet Pea" is very fun to play--one of those songs that ukuleles seem to want to produce!
  12. Uncle-Taco

    Who would you Deach?

    I've thought of posting this question for a while but I haven't because I don't have a choice of my own yet: If you could Deach any ukulele to anyone (musical artist, film star, historical figure, other celebrity, cartoon...?...) currently living or otherwise, 1. Who would you choose, and...
  13. Uncle-Taco

    UWC2010 June 4th-5th

    I'll start working on Mrs. Taco right now. Somebody's gotta come represent for the crusty old ukulele curmudgeons of the world; I'm yer huckleberry! :shaka:
  14. Uncle-Taco

    Your first performance/gig

    Remember your very first performance in front of people? What was it like? Success? Train wreck? Were you scared? Did you get paid? Underwear thrown at you? Booed? The first one I recall was in a hard rock band playing guitar when I was 18. I stood stalk still, facing almost toward the...
  15. Uncle-Taco

    Utah Ukulele Meet Up

    Sprague on the 11th, huh? Mmmkay. Pretty sure I could.
  16. Uncle-Taco

    Tahoe Area Uke Fest - After Thread

    We just got home, having gone over to Monterrey after the uke fest to see the west coast for the first time. The festival was a hoot, and a great choice for a location! Lovely place and well worth the drive for us. It was great to meet some of the folks we hear mentioned around here...
  17. Uncle-Taco

    Tahoe Area Ukulele Festival THIS WEEKEND!

    I'm already packing! :music: I know next to nothing about playing ukulele at this point so I am almost scared to show up, but I still can't wait. :nana:
  18. Uncle-Taco

    Mahna Mahna - Muppets

    Mahna-Mahna! One of my all-time top 5 songs of any genre! :shaka:
  19. Uncle-Taco

    I'm teaching at the Tahoe Uke Festival

    ...aaaaaaand I talked her into it and registered! Can't wait! :nana::nana:
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