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  1. dirtmaster4

    Long Way Home by Steven Curtis Chapman

    Does anybody know how to play this song?
  2. dirtmaster4


    I need some encouragement to continue playing the ukulele. My ukulele goes out of tune like every five seconds. Any encouraging words for me?
  3. dirtmaster4

    Tuning Peg Malfunctions

    My Silvertone ukulele has a tuning peg malfunction on the E string; it will not tune precisely. It won't stay at certain turns of the peg.
  4. dirtmaster4

    Lord Of The Dance by Steven Curtis Chapman

    I didn't make this video or anything; but it's pretty cool. Here it is: Enjoy! If the URL doesn't work, just search "lord of the dance by steven curtis chapman" on YouTube. Click the one that was uploaded by Taylor Guitars.
  5. dirtmaster4

    Green Bay Packers Football

    Wasn't it awesome when Aaron Rodgers hit Randall Cobb on fourth down for a 50-yard touchdown? It was awesome.
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