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  1. Myala509

    ukulele players in seattle washington!!

    Yeah Ill jam with you! Bhat is freakin cool man. I hope I run into him again on the streets.
  2. Myala509

    Uke'An Play Rock song book

    I have it. Its good with some easy songs and some hard ones with tough chords and techniques. Also some songs I just can not figure out why it does not sound good. It would be nice to be able to here what they editor was listening too.
  3. Myala509

    ukulele players in seattle washington!!

    Met a dude busking on the street in seattle and I took him to Hempfest. Lost him there though. He had a mainland and new mike. Forgot his name. Cool thai dude!
  4. Myala509

    Thugz Mansion

    Whens the tutorial seeso!??!
  5. Myala509

    Song Help Request songs i should sing?

    Just kidding. Do that song from Juno.
  6. Myala509

    Any one interested in Seattle, WA?

    Yeah ran into a dude playing a uke at greenlake this weekend. I was in the middle of a kickball tournament so I couldnt talk long. I gave him a U4K Bracelet though.
  7. Myala509

    Aldrine Guerrero in CALIFORNIA! August 09!

    I agree! Ill make the trip down there if Aldrine will sign my Ukulele! And I can buy the new CD! Brown Eyed Girl sounds sweet!
  8. Myala509

    Ukes 4 Kids

    There was a charity program that was started on here awhile ago called Ukes for Kids. From what I have heard it seemed to have died. I would like to keep it going. It had mentioned many great ideas helping kids out in a charitable and in a giving way. One of the things mentioned was helping...
  9. Myala509

    Song Help Request MYMP - I think I'm Falling

    Hey its my cuzin! This is one of my favorite songs she did too! Someone figure out the little picking rif in the beggining!
  10. Myala509

    praise worship and sunday school!

    I like Brandon Heaths. Im not who I was. That is the only christian song I like. Anyone know what one?
  11. Myala509

    Song Help Request What Is the Strumming Pattern for My girl by the temptations?

    Now if you add chunking to that then you have like 60 combinations. Does that mean all those combinations sound good or all equal? Hell no. Those ones in the PDF are good. Now I need to find common good sounding strums that involve chunking. Or make up my own. Which someone already has. Then...
  12. Myala509

    Song Help Request What Is the Strumming Pattern for My girl by the temptations?

    Is there a thread with a list of all the different types of strums? All the strums I know I had to learn from other people. Then it began muscle memory. I am thinking then that if I just learned a bunch of strums then it would be easier to put them to songs I am learning instead of asking others.
  13. Myala509

    Song Help Request Tagalog ukulele songs

    Damn nat king cole can sing. puso = heart Not cat. hahahaha
  14. Myala509

    Song Help Request Never Shout Never

    Cool song but the vocals hurt my ears.
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