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  1. josuegroundhog

    Hi, My name is Josh and I play ukulele.

    I've been away for so long. I moved and had no interwebs. I missed you guys and gals. You too UKISOCIETY... yh. I'm back now. I just wanted to post something nice and meaningful before I head to the PW thread. hearts and butterflies. oooh look. spam!:spam:
  2. josuegroundhog

    Song Help Request Hip Hop Ukulele
  3. josuegroundhog

    Song Help Request Best songs for ladies

    Great tune to know. Really great tune to know. Imma post my version under ukulele chords and tabs in the next few days.
  4. josuegroundhog

    Song Help Request Best songs for ladies

    I wanna be your boyfriend by the ramones that's a good one C F G7 tonights the night by rod stewart college girl from VA Tech requested that one from me a few nights ago... I take that to mean it'll work. Crash by DMB used to be a standard panty dropper. i don't know that the new...
  5. josuegroundhog

    Song Help Request All Dogs Get to Heaven

    Matt Lindahl approved! These are good! Formatting is adjusted so chord changes are in the right place.
  6. josuegroundhog

    Song Help Request Fat Babies

    Fat Babies by Lyle Lovett I've been trying to figure this one out. There is quite a bit of fingerpicking in it and I'm having trouble with the chords. I can email you the song if it'll help. Thanks!
  7. josuegroundhog

    This site is really cool.
  8. josuegroundhog

    What Are You?

    I'd been thinking of posting a poll on this and now there is a thread discussing it. So... What are you?
  9. josuegroundhog

    Song Help Request All Dogs Get to Heaven

    Got an email from Mr Lindahl. Waiting for him to verify.
  10. josuegroundhog

    Song Help Request Take a Load Off Fannie

    Try this. I haven't played it but it looks about right to me: THE WEIGHT Jaime Robbie Robertson A C#m D A I pulled in to Nazareth, I was feeling about half past dead. A C#m D A I just need some place where I...
  11. josuegroundhog

    Song Help Request All Dogs Get to Heaven

    The formatting is a little screwed up. Play along with the video for the proper location of the chord changes.
  12. josuegroundhog

    Song Help Request All Dogs Get to Heaven

    G...........................D Somewhere there's a truck out rollin C inside the driver's eyes are swollen G...................................D.........C wishin that she could have stopped or had the chance to swerve G..........................D somewhere there's a best friend cryin'...
  13. josuegroundhog

    Song Help Request Alabama 3?

    Aint Goin to Goa = pretty much G and C Mansion on the Hill= E G A Corrections and more help is welcomed!
  14. josuegroundhog

    Song Help Request 99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger

    I don't know the distorted solo parts but otherwise it's the same from what I can tell: 99 Red Balloons
  15. josuegroundhog

    Song Help Request All Dogs Get to Heaven

    Song is actually called Dogs. Could anyone help me figure out the chords in this? I think it starts and ends on G. I think part of the progression is G D C but he has some nice little chords in between. I'm pretty lost from there. I haven't heard back from Sr Lindahl yet. Thanks! Dogs
  16. josuegroundhog

    Fi got a tambourine!

    Fifftptptpftp recently received a suspicious package and suspected it of being a package we had previously discussed and she was rather looking forward to. If you have never watched her videos and read the stuff she types you are toadally missing out. I love her messages so I thought I'd share...
  17. josuegroundhog

    Song Help Request Reno 911 Methamphetamine

    Some time back I was able to snag a song from an FLV file on the Reno 911 page. It wasn't up long but I got it. Now it's lost. If anyone has this song in any format (including DVD or video) please let me know. Also interested in chords and lyrics. Methamphetamine sung by Lt Dangle: Let's...
  18. josuegroundhog

    Green Light Not Green Light by Beyonce or John Legend or Beck or anyone else.
  19. josuegroundhog

    Vacation Plans

    Due to recent changes in my life, I suddenly find myself on vacation from July 6-July 29 with no plans. I don't have loads of money but I'd love to find something to do. I'm down for whatever. Travel by car and/or aeroplane. New people. New places. New tattoos. New dance steps. New scars...
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