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    Crazy Idea for a Custom Uke Designed Particularly For Piedmont Blues Style

    Alternating bass finger picking is a favourite style. I get close on four strings by mapping the guitar bass strings to the baritone D and G, and the guitar trebles to the baritone G, B, E strings. A non custom...
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    Flight Carabao Lite Baritone (SUS Exclusive) - REVIEW

    It’s nice to see evolution of baritone design away from scaled up sopranos towards wider bodies and softwood soundboards. Cheers.
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    String splitting

    Hi Kamin Surface fraying is cosmetic and is such a tiny percentage that it doesn’t affect tone and longevity. It happens when the string maker uses dual density fluorocarbon fishing leader that has a soft outer layer and a hard core. (Single density is also available from fluorocarbon...
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    What do slotted headstocks do for ukuleles?

    Slotted: Yes please and thanks 😎 Stringing: Easy peasy every three months 🤗
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    Strap Ergonomics For Muscle Pain

    A few ideas: A. Seated players can raise ukuleles for better comfort using a small cushion, or a block of foam from the craft store or upholstery shop. To fit in the case under the ukulele neck, use a long shape that can be bunched into a good shape for use. B. There are portable devices...
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    Baritone cases

    Available directly from And, the U-Bass gig bags are roomier so good for bigger baritones. Email them for dimensions. (Long McQuade can get them)...
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    Strings Is there an easy way to tie (tie bridge) wound strings?

    Yup. But complicated to remember. It’s easy to turn down each loose end before tightening and trimming with nail clippers.
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    Comenius hymnbook (Published in 1659 in Amsterdam)

    Celebrating translations from Latin to common language, and the switch from calligraphy to printing presses 🤗
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    Strings Living Water on my Kepasa concert uke

    My favourites that Iv Liked them a lot and ordered in batches of 6-8 sets various sizes to average down postage costs. After a few years decided to switch to spools of fluorocarbon fishing leader which are equivalent. This is pricey and only worthw...
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    Strings Is there an easy way to tie (tie bridge) wound strings?

    I’ve switched to unwound fluorocarbon strings after broken windings on the first two sets. At the tie bar start with very large loops. Then tighten gently by tugging and guiding until snug. Use additional loop or two on the skinny slippery strings. I don’t do the fancy end tucks. Trim the...
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    Strings Is there an easy way to tie (tie bridge) wound strings?

    Looks fancy, isn’t needed, and I never do it 😎
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    rechargeable electronic clip-on tuners

    +1 I’ve used rechargeable Snarks for the last few years. I’ve bought more to replace gifted, lost or damaged (not yet) tuners. The build is vastly sturdier than the earlier versions. Data sheet indicates battery life of 300+ charges. I’ve needed to recharge about once a month when...
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    They Don't Eat Corned Beef & Cabbage on St. Patrick's Day in Ireland!!!

    Buddies across the pond tell me that the traditional Irish dish is boiled cabbage and potatoes and bacon (smoked pork). Corned beef and cabbage is an American Irish thing that began in the 1800s when migrants were fed salted beef during passage across the Atlantic. Salted beef (and pork) in...
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    Pineapple baritone? The round instrument is a zhongruan mostly tuned G2 D3 G3 D4 and played with fingerpicks. Some players tighten the strings a bit to GDAE same fingering as octave mandolin, mandolin, violin. This lets...
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    UPDATE: 19" scale baritone on a budget?

    Yes 🤗🎶🎶 And…
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    UPDATE: 19" scale baritone on a budget?

    Expanding your search to include 20” baritones would give more options. An inch difference is unlikely to bother most folk.
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    Does the pro/tenor version of the Enya Nova have a removeable saddle that can be shaved if needed?

    Perhaps send a message to Bazmaz who wrote this review with photos…
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    Suggestions for Baritone Strings

    My baritone ukulele sounds like a small guitar because it is played guitar style not ukulele style. Same for tenor ukuleles. This also adds texture at ukulele song circles. (I learned guitar skills and ukulele skills at the same time a few years ago). Key elements are: . linear DGBE not...
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    Seeking uke sheet music to Ain't She Sweet

    YouTube has a button to slow down or speed up videos (without changing pitch). A good learning speed is 3/4 (or 1/2). Suggestions: . Reach the fret hand further around so that it’s easy to use the strong base of the finger instead of the weaker finger tip . It’s easier to get a clean tone...
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