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  1. johnson430

    If you're ever in Hilo, Hawaii

    Buyer Beware: Hilo Ukulele & Guitar is not Hilo Guitars & Ukuleles. This guy worked for then screwed over Ken Cameron and then just switched the name when he opened his own the exact same location in Hilo. Ruthless.
  2. johnson430

    Emotions and Keys: The Poll

    Greetings all, I have been taking some music production classes and my teacher keeps talking about the emotions of keys and how important it can be to the overall feeling of a given piece. I found this on the internet about a year ago when I was playing more uke and thought it was...
  3. johnson430

    Stolen instruments

    Sorry to hear. Do you have photos? Make a police report? Perhaps they will surface at local pawn shops. Or check on Craigslist Reno periodically.
  4. johnson430

    FS: ACE R65 Cedar/Rosewood Tenor ebony f/b with soft shell case and many EXTRAS

    Factory blemish in photo 1. It looks like a smudge from a piece of cloth.
  5. johnson430

    FS: ACE R65 Cedar/Rosewood Tenor ebony f/b with soft shell case and many EXTRAS

    I am selling my recently purchased Ace R65. This was made in China by a small group of builders working under a luthier with over 20 years experience. One of our UU members is a rep in Taiwan for these ukes and can attest to the tone and play-ability. Why I am selling? Well, I recently...
  6. johnson430

    Holiday book bundle sale: Pekelo Book 1 Pekelo Book 2, Uke Aerobics, et al +Bonus

    MUST BE BOUGHT AS A BUNDLE See photo for all that is included in the sale: I have all the audio files in digital if the CD's are not working and can send them to the buyer. Condition: *Pekelo Book 1: Fair (back cover has come off but is still with book, cd has scratches but still works) This...
  7. johnson430

    Help Melvin find his uke, please.

    Melvin Sings!'s personal uke was stolen. Help him recover it.
  8. johnson430

    Uke comparison with Thomastik-Infeld/Savarez Alliance on Cedar and Spruce top tenors

    Hey neighbor, Thanks, this is becoming my favorite uke. I might have to get a second one. Yes, China, it was made by a small group of builders in China. These do not appear to be mass produced as neither shop I talked to had one in stock, it had to be ordered, sent to their shop, set-up and...
  9. johnson430

    Uke comparison with Thomastik-Infeld/Savarez Alliance on Cedar and Spruce top tenors

    A'la UU member Hodge. I am doing a uke comparison using the same stings but on different tops by different makers. Just as the title says. A cedar/rosewood and spruce/sapele tenor uke comparison. Both strung with Thomastik-Infeld CF 27/30 and Savarez Alliance 541/542R. I have not identified...
  10. johnson430

    Ace brand ukulele -A brief history and some build info.

    After a recent thread about Ace ukuleles that was started by SoloRule I decided to investigate this uke maker a little more. Here is the original thread: Once I found UU member and ACE artist GJ Lee on...
  11. johnson430

    What uke is the best

    Thanks, this uke makes me very happy. It is Spruce top and Sapele back and sides. Ebony fretboard/bridge. One piece mahogany neck. Here are some photos of the wood. Sorry to hijack the thread.
  12. johnson430

    Weight Weenies United

    OK, we have all heard the talk: weight matters and less is more. It is a big thing in cycling but does it really matter so much with instruments, specifically ukes? I will start off by saying I have what UU member coolkayaker once dubbed as a "Bricklove". Funny thing is, if all bricks sound...
  13. johnson430

    Those are speed holes, they make it go faster.

    OK, not really. But what about drilling holes in the bracing to increase volume and sustain? Here is a short article from a Texas luthier about the concept. So, who has tried it? Who wants to try it in their next build?
  14. johnson430

    Tenor scale length 17 vs 18"

    The Basket weave Bastogne walnut: David told me this photo doesn't come close to revealing the true beauty of this wood.
  15. johnson430

    Tenor scale length 17 vs 18"

    Here are the backs he offered me. English Walnut Bolivian rosewood (same board as #38 in my Gallery) Cherry: Maple: Madrone: Not pictured: Basket weave Bastogne walnut (the one I picked)
  16. johnson430

    Beyond the Sea (solo ukulele)

    Give yourself more credit. If you can do that song by Campbell then you can do this one. Go for it!
  17. johnson430

    Beyond the Sea (solo ukulele)

    Mike, Very well done. I like the arrangement, the slide @ 1:00 is a nice touch. Thanks for sharing.
  18. johnson430

    Tenor scale length 17 vs 18"

    No snapper today but I caught a beautiful chocolate grouper. He was returned safely to the sea.
  19. johnson430

    Tenor scale length 17 vs 18"

    So what is the difference? Does 18" add more frets or more space between the frets? Thanks. ps: I did a quick google search but didn't see anything relevant, there might be something on UU but I didn't look it up because the fish are biting so I am hoping someone can help me out while I try to...
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