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    Flat wound Baritone Strings?

    It is now 20 months since I started playing my baritone with this string setup. I have been a long time member of a ukulele group that plays weekly. I have only played the Pono since setting up with the Savarez strings. The instrument, with its Savarez strings continues to be an absolute joy...
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    For Sale Friction tuners by Schaller/Grover

    I have had these in my parts box for a very long time. When I bought them they were marketed as Schaller but now they are marketed as Grover Champion DeLuxe. From what I have seen in the past at some point these were installed on Koaloha and perhaps Kamaka instruments. I never mounted them and...
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    New Apologies for database hiccup, Aug 20, '23 (HST)

    Whew - I thought I had offended some rule. I can repost later today and complete a conversation of yesterday. All will be well. Stuff happens.
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    Fear of Friction Tuners

    Twice i bought ukes with friction tuners and in both cases they got UPTs. I still play old banjos and they come with friction tuners sometimes - I replace them with planetary tuners. I love planetary tuners. I replace the now common Grover guitar tuners with the Ratio tune-a-lele tuners. I love...
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    FS: Gotoh UPTL, Black/Black

    I figured they were, but I had to try - I love these tuners
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    FS: Gotoh UPTL, Black/Black

    I will take them if the above falls through. Thanks - Ian
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    Unwound baritone fluocarbon or nylon ukulele strings

    I am now on my third set of strings on my Pono MB - I love experimenting - purchased last month on the great Pono sale. The stock strings had two wound strings and I really wanted to try unwound strings as I too do not like string squeak. My second set was a set of Worth Browns, which have been...
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    Flat wound Baritone Strings?

    Will do when I return from the beach in the middle of the month.
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    Flat wound Baritone Strings?

    I appreciate the encouragement. This is my first foray into a baritone and as I began with guitar in the 1950s this is like coming home. Back then I would experiment with flat wound strings and hated their "tubbiness." String technology has come a long way since then. I love the depth of the...
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    Flat wound Baritone Strings?

    I have just acquired a baritone at the great Pono sale on Reverb. The first thing I did was order as set of Worth Browns - they have now settled in and I love them. I like the unwound strings and like all being fluorocarbon. There is NO SQUEAK. And now for a variation! I have now ordered a...
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    Pono Blowing Out Some Ukes!

    My baritone MB arrived yesterday and I unpacked it in the evening. I love it - super fast shipping, double boxed. I am now researching string options - wound vs. unwound and high d or low d. I never had one before so this is interesting. As I used to be a guitar player this is really fun to go...
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    Pono Blowing Out Some Ukes!

    I just purchased a simple mahogany baritone - I am thrilled.
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    WTB Waverly tuning pegs

    I have a pair of used sets - Koaloha and Schaller - if these might be of interest.
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    Wanted Gotoh uptl tuner set

    I am looking for a used set of the Gotoh uptl tuners. I actually only need three in the white metal color but I figure it is unlikely that anyone is selling three at a time! Please let me know if you are able to help - Thanks - Ian
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    NUD - vintage Clarophone

    I have been looking for a nice old vintage, no frills, ukulele banjo. This one popped up on Reverb at a dramatically reduced price and invited offers. I offered $80 + shipping and the seller agreed. It arrived late yesterday afternoon and so I immediately disassembled it and put it back with...
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    Hilo strings - any information

    I just bought a nice used ukulele and it came with a spare set of Hilo concert strings. They are distributed by Pegasus strings, Hilo, Hawaii, so they come from the big island. Does anyone know anything about them?
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    Kamaka Tenor - 2002 with hard or soft case -

    I am selling this lovely Kamaka Tenor. It is of course koa. I am trying to make sense of my instruments and this one should go to a new home. I am asking $950 in a Crossrock fiberglass case or $900 in a Reunion Blues Continental gig bag (one of the best made and super protective). Shipping...
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    Wanted set of 4 Gotoh uptl tuners

    I am looking for a used set of four Gotoh uptl tuners - Please let me know if you have a set for sale. Thanks - Ian
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    Gretsch NYC camp ukulele restoration

    Before and after I have finished returning this old uke to playability. It was not pretty when I bought it and now it is far removed from its original form. I am thrilled by it though and I love the Graph Tech tune-a-leles that are sort of funky to look at and a real joy to use. The neck...
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    Graph Tech Ratio Tuners

    The two sets of tuners arrived yesterday and I have one set fitted to a rescue of a 1920s Gretsch Camp uke. I like these tuners - I am used to the Gotoh upt ones and these at half the price are great. Aesthetically they are not quite so attractive and on this old headstock they are rather...
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