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    Low G Recommended Resource: Low G Scales

    Are you wanting to have them reading conventional music on a grand staff which includes the bass clef and the treble clef? Do you also want the accidental scales such as G# Bb F# ? Are you going to teach the scales in chord shapes as well? For the C chord, will it be 0-0-0-3 with the ring...
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    Strings Which strings for a banjo uke?

    I cut a piece of wood 1/8" thick or thin whichever you chose x 1/4" high x width of the tailplate. I drill four holes the diametre of the strings inline with the four for the steel strings and run each string through its hole, and then string them forward to the headstock the wood rests against...
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    PEGHEDS look like old wooden violin pegs, and there the similarity ends. They are made in the USA of American materials, except for the grips. Unlike the Chinese copies which are warranted for45 days, PEGHEDS, when properly installed, have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer...
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    How does one determine value, when no others are listed ?Martin Backpacker Ukulele

    I have surfed US uke stores with diverse inventory as well as Germany-France-Australia and The UK,as well. I have not seen another one listed ANYWHERE ELSE. The B/P guitar still exists in great numbers, but nothing of the ukulele. Any clues of what to do? I shall call Martin Company tomorrow.
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    Martin BACKPACKER Ukulele FOR SALE

    The Martin BACKPACKER was not as robust a seller in the USA as in France and Australia. I bought two of them. One is velcroed to a Martin Backpacker Mandolin strung as a ukulele. The one for sale is new in the box. It has been stored in its gig bag in its box in my ukulele cabinet It is in new...
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    Resonator tenor ?

    I was asked last night if resonator ukes, either wood or metal body come in tenor scale. Does the idea of a tenor neck on a concert seem like a possible solution if such a thing does not already exist? I have already told him that the price he has as too much.... is probably not enough. Thank...
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    Alternative tunings

    I know about GCEG and FCFA, but opened two new ukuleles right from the importer tuned as EAC#A and DGBG. What a nice sound, and to have the IV chord as 2-0-1-0 and the V7 as 0-2-1-2 as well as 5-5-5-5 and 7-7-7-7 respectively. Any one else use other open tunings?
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    Between K and M is L

    The posts often mention instruments beginning with K or M, and sometimes L as in Lanakai. What about a Hawaiian company in transition from Made in China to Made in Hawaii? The brand name is Leolani. It seems even MiC are nicely made and play nicely. There is...
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    PEGHEDS for sale

    Tim Szerlong wrote a review on www, . Some think they are plastic. They are anodised aluminum for the outer shaft with tool grade steel center shaft and internal gears. They really do not need to be installed by a professional, but I practice a couple of holes on a piece of wood of...
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    Anyone going to the Ukulele Festival July 21

    You mean you are coming to Bend,Oregon? I look forward to meeting you there. 8~)
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    Favilla Wimbrola soprano or othersize

    Has anyone seen-heard-played any size of the Wimbrola model Favillas? They remind me a bit of a Pineapple shape. I don't know if they came before-concurrently-after Kamaka introduced the Pineapple. I have a chance to acquire a soprano size. No.....this was not Favilla's answer to the...
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    Martin Backpacker with the Martin Logo on the headstock

    What is a fair market price for a Martin Backpacker which has the original cardboard box wrapped in a pillowcase and the uke in the case in the box.....?? The ukulele has never had tension on the strings. It is absolutely new and pristine. Yes, I know it's not a 1k or a 5K, but for someone...
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    Hollywood Banjo Ukulele- other opinions, PLEASE

    I have a delightful little 21" long x 71/4" skin head Hollywood banjo ukulele. I am not fond of the original friction tuners, but I do not want to mess with a potentially collectable instrument if its greater value is to just leave it as it is, and rehome it to someone else. That leads to...
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    What would YOU expect?

    There were two different concert scale banjo ukuleles advertised. One said "Hardware: Chrome" The other said "Hardware: Antique Brass" The walnut with chrome hardware is $380.00 , while the maple with Antique Brass is $440.00 . Why such a big price difference when everything else is the...
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    Being a "newbie" to this site, I may be in the wrong area. I would ask that someone would graciously redirect me if so. I am NOT a newbie to PEGHEDS and getting them to people who want them at less than an arm and a leg price. Currently, most sets are $48.00 for 2L and 2R. That does not include...
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    Don and Wiley! You are right, this site is impressive. Since 1951, I have been playing four fingers against six strings. The great AHA came in 2002---four against four 2003---four against doubled four---2009 four against doubled tripled tripled doubled four. My favorite? What I have in my...
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