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  1. Tele295

    Gotoh Stealth Tuners

    We have had the buttons break off on two different Stealth tuning machines on our high end Kanileas. Clearly, this is a poorly designed part, but I’m not thrilled with Kanilea’s lack of enthusiasm for taking care of their high end customers. I am reconsidering my brand loyalty based on their...
  2. Tele295

    Song Help Request Dukes on Sunday

    Desi Relator showed it to me quickly one day It’s mostly AMaj7 to DMaj7, and the walk up is Bm-C#m-D
  3. Tele295

    New Kinnard Model: Selmer-tyle Super Tenor -- WOW!!

    I need it. Really
  4. Tele295

    Campanella Waltz - Tab

    That's a beautiful song. I really like campanella runs
  5. Tele295

    Honolulu airport prohibits playing musical instruments

    At the Lihue ariport (Kauai), they pay professional musicians to play live Hawaiian music in the terminals, and they have semi-permanent PA's for them. I respectfully kept my uke in it's case. I wouldn't want some yay-hoo busting in on my gig for an uninvited jam.
  6. Tele295

    NUD: Help dating a Kamaka 6?

    Just got an older, white label Kamaka 6 that sounds amazing. I am trying to date it, but there is no serial number or inside date that I could find. Can you help me? It has very unusual tuners that I haven't seen on other old Kamakas. They look like banjo tuners, so I'm not convinced that they...
  7. Tele295

    Fender Mandocaster Uke conversion

    I have this electric Fender Mandocaster that I got in 2005 for Bakersfield/country band work. It's a 5-string, but the low C never intonated right. It sounds OK, and I made some records with it, but it wasn't magic. In my flu medication induced haze this morning, I got the bright idea to tune...
  8. Tele295

    Mic & Headphone recommendations for home project studio

    I'm putting together a little project /home studio for my ukulele stuff. What do you recommend for (budget yet good microphones) for a uke? I'm using a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 into my laptop. Also, any recommendations for inexpensive yet all-purpose headphones? I'm using iPhone earbuds now!:eek:
  9. Tele295

    L.A. Ukulele Expo World Record Attempt UU REPRESENT!

    And taking the UkuleleTrain to get there!
  10. Tele295

    Song Help Request House of Bamboo sung by King Kukulele: Curse those darn jazzy chords!

    Original hit version by Andy Williams, but I know the version by Southern Culture on the Skids
  11. Tele295

    Song Help Request Tropical Baby

    See if these chords sound right to you. Tropical Baby - Brothers Cazimero [A] My Tropical Baby my little empress down in Waikiki Your hips they sway like the [B] coconut tree [E] You’re such a sweetheart to [A] me [A] My Tropical Baby your hair your body always tickles me to see you...
  12. Tele295

    Song Help Request Tropical Baby

    This is a hard one to find!!
  13. Tele295

    Hard case for a uBass

    I'm looking for a hard case for a uBass so I can fly with it. The rectangular Kala case is too big and bulky for what I'm looking to do. Why won't a uBass fit in a regular baritone uke hardcase? Is the width of the tuners a problem?
  14. Tele295

    Saw Jake Shimabukuro last night!

    The Ventura show was great!
  15. Tele295

    New gathering in Ventura, CA

    Mondays are easier for me. See you soon
  16. Tele295

    Song Help Request "About You" (Daniel Ho) tab?

    Been a couple of years since this thread. Has any tab popped up for this song yet?
  17. Tele295

    NAMM January 2014?

    Just confirmed that I have a pass. Anybody else here going? What are the uke events not to miss?
  18. Tele295

    Baggs Para DI settings?

    Does anyone have some recommended uke settings on a Baggs Para DI? I'm using a Baggs Five.0 pickup in my tenor and I play fingerstyle. Thanks
  19. Tele295

    Christmas Music for Solo Ukulele (or singing if you must)

    Thanks, Gary. Those are some nice arrangements
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