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    Acoustic modeler for ukuleles

    There are acoustic modelers. 1. Do they make the sound from the pickup of ukulele more like acoustic ukulele, not like acoustic guitar? 2. If they work, will using both an acoustic modeler and an acoustic DI be better than using just one? 3. Is there a specific model that works well with...
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    Your portable amp choice

    My definition of a portable amp is - I can carry it more than 100 yards without a cart or a car. - I don't need a power outlet to use it. I would categorize portable amps in three categories. 1. can be put in a gigbag - VOX amPlug with earbud - AmpUPlugNPlay (it has a speaker) 2. can be...
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    Amp selection for passive pickup?

    I have a RISA Uke-Solid and might install mi-si trio to Kanile'a K-1 Tenor. I travel overseas quite often and want to have very light setting for an earphone. Using VOX amPlug with Uke-Solid is inconvenient since the dials of amPlug touch my lap and move unintentionally, and so I ordered...
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    Which Vox amPlug for RISA Uke-Solid, AC30 or Acoustic?

    I ordered a RISA Uke-Solid and need a headphone amp. It seems Vox amPlug is a popular choice, but I'm wondering what amPlug model I should choose. Please suggest me.
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    Song Help Request Famous Taiwanese songs?

    Thanks! Thank you, foxfair. Your nickname is familiar to me. You made the link to dropbox for I'm Yours TAB pdf file download, didn't you!
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    Song Help Request Famous Taiwanese songs?

    Aloha! I'm planning to visit Taiwan in Oct. and want to purprise my Taiwanese friends. Would you recommend some songs for ukulele to impress Taiwanese? I don't speak Mandarin and so singing a Taiwanese song will be difficult, if not impossible.
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    Put Your City on the UU Map!

    Seems that I put the first baloon in Korea.
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    RISA Uke-Solid vs Eleuke Peanut ?

    I am thinking of buying an electric Uke for practicing in the night. It would be nice to have an amplified uke to sing with a group of people. If the electric uke is small enough to carry with lots of camping gears, it would be wonderful! I googled and found two good looking ukes. RISA...
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    Sungha Jung version I'm Your - Jason Mraz TAB

    I believe many of you already watched Sungha Jung plays I'm Yours with Uke. Last night Sungha Jung posted a TAB(gp5) of I'm Yours - Jason Mraz on a Korean board. It's in Korean but I believe you can download the file from...
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    UU+ video download

    I subscribed UU+ and can download some video files of Uke Minutes and Uke Lessons. Is there any rule or guideline about what files I can download? I'd like to watch downloaded video files on my iPad.
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