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  1. Cluze

    Stay safe, everyone in Maui

    I don't know if this has already been posted elsewhere, but I will put it here as well. As of today (10 August), Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel are organizing a fundraising stream. To best accomplish this, they want to reach 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, so that YouTube will be able to send the...
  2. Cluze

    Done! Delete Negative Feedback Threads? Nope!

    I think option #1 is the way to go. As long as feedback stays civil, it is important that people feel that they can give their own viewpoint, both positive and negative. I know that this can lead to some really, really grey areas and threads that can be uncomfortable, but if we want this forum...
  3. Cluze

    Impressions of Ordering a Custom Ukulele

    I can't wait to hear how this one turns out. I love Pops' work, and I strongly prefer concerts. The idea of a concert Wow intrigues me greatly!
  4. Cluze

    Anyone into Gibson Ukes?

    There are many folks, myself included, who are interested in Gibson. I am a Michigander, after all... Definitely list them!
  5. Cluze

    Old to new Kamaka transition

    This is why I had a special order HF-2 made, with a tie bridge!
  6. Cluze

    Magic Fluke Numbers

    Hey Jerry! Concert scale Flea, standard laminate soundboard in pistachio color, standard molded fret board, new cliplock bridge design with removable saddle. Stock instrument purchased direct from Magic Fluke Co in early February 2023. M40 33976
  7. Cluze

    I don't think this is cool at all

    (Please note, the beginning of this is for comedic and sarcastic effect...) I don't know. Copies can be expensive. Staples charges like 20 cents a page for black and white copies, in low volumes. I would just assume that every attendee who paid for the "packet" was getting at least a 100 page...
  8. Cluze

    Which uke builders use local woods?

    I came to this thread to post this! Aaron Keim of Beansprout uses lots of local woods (as well as reclaimed wood) from responsible sources to make some amazing and beautiful instruments.
  9. Cluze

    New Klos Concert Uke

    Thanks for the heads up! As an avowed "concert guy" this is *very* interesting indeed!
  10. Cluze

    New Uke Day (NUD) NUD: Kamaka HF-2 Concert

    I have never really noticed that much of a difference between radius and non-radius fretboards, at least for my hands. I find that the neck shape and profile have a far bigger effect for me. I don't know how I would feel if I had two instruments with the exact same neck profile but one had a...
  11. Cluze

    New Uke Day (NUD) NUD: Kamaka HF-2 Concert

    Thanks! That list isn't even completely up-to-date, I'm afraid. I kind of have a strong case of UAS... I have a group of about 8 or so that I sort of regularly rotate through. I might play one for several days to weeks in a row, then switch to another for a few weeks. It sort of goes in cycles...
  12. Cluze

    New Uke Day (NUD) NUD: Kamaka HF-2 Concert

    Looks gorgeous. I love my Kamaka concert, and I hope that yours brings you many years of enjoyment! As for that sharp edge on the nut, I've run into that before, with both Kamaka and Martin as I recall. Certainly give TUS a call, but my (completely unsolicited) advice is to do what I did; take...
  13. Cluze

    Twisted Wood - 20% Off

    Yeah, I was very tempted by their made in Canada cedar top, but I just can't quite bring myself to support a shop engaging in those kind of shenanigans.
  14. Cluze

    Twisted Wood - 20% Off

    Anyone know if they have ever cleared up their use of the word "koa"? (For those who don't know, see this thread from August 2022.) From a quick look around the web site, it seems they are still calling their all solid "Koa Ukulele" that even though they have said that it is actually acacia...
  15. Cluze

    I don't think this is cool at all

    What the actual hell? Has anyone told the TUS folks that their content is being used to promote sales at another store?
  16. Cluze

    Scammer alert - chris24global

    ^^^ This ^^^
  17. Cluze

    WTB: Ken Timms CUBAN Mahogany Soprano

    In the US, I suppose it might be described as "laid back" or "relaxed." It certainly doesn't have the same negative connotations over here.
  18. Cluze

    KoAloha ʻUkulele | PBS Hawaiʻi Home is Here Episode 101, Aug 28, 2022

    Once again demonstrating how great Pops is! Be sure to give him a big "thank you" from the entire ukulele community for all the does!
  19. Cluze

    KoAloha ʻUkulele | PBS Hawaiʻi Home is Here Episode 101, Aug 28, 2022

    Now that's a song I would love to see a tutorial (or some sheet music/tabs) on!
  20. Cluze

    Recording for dummies?

    Do note that not all external recorders can work as USB mics. Many of the newer models can, but do double check!
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