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    Nice one from Corey and Kalei on Petros Ukes

    these guys take the Ukulele to another level
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    HMS Podcast with Sarah,Craig,Kalei and Corey

    if you are Sarah and Craig fans you got to see this one....:) worth every minute
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    Ukulele Festival Hawaii July 21st, 2019

    Nice to see you again Rod!!
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    aNueNue fans check this out

    Tobias playing his custom aNueNue in the Ko'olau Mountains...:)
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    different string sets..

    here are a few samples..from Corey and Kalei
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    New Jake Model Kamaka Tenor

    Kalei, Corey and Tobi kill it on this new Jake model Kamaka
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    all kinds of ukes and info

    Thanks guys
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    All of Me.. Andreas David and Corey Fujimoto on Ukulele

    Willie Nelson music on the uke....:)
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    Ukulele performance from Namm 2019

    great music by our friends
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    Moore Bettah Ukulele

    getting harder to get...:) Thanks Chuck,Andrew and Corey
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    Low G Low G - Wound

    no problem Pat nice to see you around and well take care my one and only MBU brother...:)
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    Low G Low G - Wound

    Hi Pat Chuck(MB strings) and Andrew(Ko'olau Aho) both use a different E and A string they are not Oasis.. Andrew uses a Soloist Low G with T-I wound C while Chuck uses the T-I G and C string.... here are the Ko'olau Aho sets five options and some samples...
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    Corey Fujimoto tabs – I need more!

    if you ever get to Oahu come down to the shop in Haleiwa and Corey can show you and tab out what ever you want if he has the time....
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    Ukulele Festival Hawaii, July 15, 2018

    Aloha Tonya try to come down to The Ukulele Site in Haleiwa if you can if I am around maybe we can visit Andrew at the HMS warehouse in Wahiawa if you want too..i might meet Gary and Rick at the store on Saturday....there are many things going on during the week...let me know...:) if we don't...
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    Ukulele Festival Hawaii, July 15, 2018

    see you there Rod....:) I know Gary and Rick will be there for sure to...MMStan and Greg also...the same old same old...
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    NAMM - Winter 2018

    Corey coming back Sunday night...not sure about Andrew,Zach and Joel......Andrew will post all his videos when he gets back I am guessing....
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    NAMM - Winter 2018 is some pictures from Asada(Ribbe Ukulele)....hope you can open the link
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    Tenor Harp Ukulele

    check this out....:) something different
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    Song Help Request What is this tune?

    I get to hang with Corey,Kalei and Noah at the Ukulele Site..when they play music so nice....stop by and ask them for a sample...:) btw Corey loves this kind of music and does it a lot....this song may be on his CD from a few years ago
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