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  1. Whodad

    No longer available Takumi TS-3M

    I do have a track record of buying a ukulele from someone on this forum 4 years ago. My budget doesn’t allow me to buy high-quality instruments on a more frequent basis.
  2. Whodad

    No longer available Takumi TS-3M

    I’m at a loss. If you saw a rare instrument in a store and went to go buy it and the store owner said they won’t sell it to you because you haven’t been in the store enough so you start coming to the store more frequently. You keep seeing that instrument for sale. Do you give up?
  3. Whodad

    No longer available Takumi TS-3M

    Am I now active enough of a UU member to buy this instrument from you? All I need to know is how you would like me to pay.
  4. Whodad

    Why so many Tenors?

    Thanks for all the replies. I see that marketing may be a prime reason I see so many tenors. That, or people may feel, or be taught, that a soprano will be difficult for them to learn to play if they have big/fat fingers, but in reality finger size it not an issue. I would say that part of the...
  5. Whodad

    How do you determine that your current instrument is holding you back?

    You know when your current instrument(s) are holding you back when there is a new instrument out there that you can’t get off your mind. This is assuming there is a reasonable chance you can afford said new instrument. If not, you current instrument is NOT what’s holding you back.
  6. Whodad

    Show us your ukes!

    My traveling ukelele. A white label Kamaka made November 6th, 1972.
  7. Whodad

    Best song to try out a new ukulele at a store

    If I don’t impress them, they won’t sell to me…right?!? NO UKE FOR YOU → spoken as that soup guy from Seinfeld
  8. Whodad

    How did you end up here?

    Came here when looking to buy my first solid wood ukulele. It was a Kala 2Koa Elite Concert. I still love playing it. I came back 4 years ago to buy my first luthier-made soprano.
  9. Whodad

    No longer available Takumi TS-3M

    Any chance of reconsideration? I keep looking around at other ukes for sale but I keep coming back to this one.
  10. Whodad

    Why so many Tenors?

    How long have tenor ukeleles been so popular? 4 years ago when I was shopping around I don’t remember tenor ukes out numbering soprano ones. Is this true or have tenor ukuleles been the bees knees for quite a while?
  11. Whodad

    Ask the person after you a random question

    Reddit. How best to convince someone to sell me a uke I want but won’t because I’m not active enough on the forum?
  12. Whodad

    Wanted Takumi TS-3M Mahogany Soprano

    If it wasn’t for people like you “obsessively reading and replying” and moderating the forum, then it, as community, would not exist. I replied to to PM about the concern of being “burned” with an offer to may by just about whatever means the seller wants. I includes personal information and...
  13. Whodad

    Backlog Should UU VIP membership block or minimize ads?

    I understand the depth of complexity that goes into running a forum without it being specifically for a commercial/business purpose. It takes time, money, and attention. It is rare to find people to be willing to invest what is needed to what may, at much of the time, not seem to provide juice...
  14. Whodad

    Wanted Takumi TS-3M Mahogany Soprano

    Yes. That is exactly what I have been hoping to find. However, not having been active enough on this forum is a block in being able to buy that one. I joined UU 4 years ago to buy an Kala 2Kona Elite Concert. I have not been in the market for a uke since. I am not active on forums in general. I...
  15. Whodad

    Wanted Takumi TS-3M Mahogany Soprano

    I had the pleasure of hearing a TS-3M and fell I love with the sound. This will be my first beyond mid-quality soprano. Shipping would be Oregon. PM me with pictures, details, and proposals of price. Thank you, Jason
  16. Whodad

    In Progress Improve advertising relevancy (was: Advertising on UU)

    The ads are rather intrusive on Safari on my iPhone. They frequently look like they are covering up posts though I don’t think they are actually covering anything. However many of them are big. There is one above this text entry box that is so big that if I scroll down, it takes up the entire...
  17. Whodad

    Hello! Slowly learning over the last 5-ish years

    This is my Kamaka white label that was given to me about 3 years ago. It was her husbands and she gave it to me when he passed. From Florence, Oregon on the beautiful Oregon Coast. In Atlanta for manager training from my company. Had this account for about 4 years and all I used for then was...
  18. Whodad

    No longer available Takumi TS-3M

    PM‘d on Wednesday and no word back yet. This beauty was posted for sale on my birthday and just in time for budget to be agreeable to my longing for a high quality soprano.
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