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  1. soupking

    Best sounding cedar tenor uke?

    You’re gonna read all this and then regret your decision. Buyer’s Remorse will consume you. Still, you’ll have an ukulele from Hawaii. And that is all that matters. That was always the dream.
  2. soupking

    Where to sell my banjo

    Google Banjo Hangout and set up an account. I sold one on there easily like a decade ago, but of course I give killer deals 😎
  3. soupking

    Taking your ukulele aboard a cruise ship

    I just got back from a weekend Bahamian one— just two stops Coco Cay and Nassau. We did the same one a few months ago. These were my first ever cruises (and not the last!). I brought a koa concert Fluke each time. 1st time we had a balcony and this time we did not. The balcony was great to play...
  4. soupking

    2023 NAMM April 13–15, 2023 , Please post ukulele news here

    Could someone get us a description of this Kamaka Ukulele apparent switch to bolt-on necks, please? I can’t find anything definitive about this, although I trust the few accounts, I’ve seen, stating it to be so. Cheers 🍻
  5. soupking

    “I Need A Guitar-Sounding Ukulele”

    Why? More sustain! Huh? Okay. There are guitars for all that... All the best luthiers seem to have a Kamaka tenor in possession. That’s good enough for me :) Cheers, all:
  6. soupking

    Nattys Huh

    I left the original strings on the uke and all hell broke loose. It was crazy. See for yourself, #bet. An HF-3 is more than I’ll ever need, I think. Happy to own two, ha. Hey, I love all. Since 2010. Got a lot of you mad beat:
  7. soupking

    Chance Encounter

    Laughlin 3-K. It can be played on Kamaka HF-3s, but it ain’t the same. Pain translates better through certain scale lengths:
  8. soupking

    Losing You

    Made this jawn up a bit back, when down and out. Funny to see now: much happier. It’s a treasure owning a Kamaka. I always get some with it, and it always helps:
  9. soupking

    Eagles Fight Song

    We’re not as bad as everyone says. Promise. Please hope for us. We have a storied history, and nary a Super Bowl victory. I’m really pulling for Philadelphia. I can see the skyline from my front stoop at night and I just adore it. I don’t need it for me. I need it for my dad. And his buddies...
  10. soupking

    “Sweet Sue, Just You”

    Saw this on Facebook by some bruh in Germsny. I don’t know how to link it. It’s way better than this crap here ;) Anyway, I never heard the song, but I had to rip the Laughlin outta hibernation. A bit rough, but great tune! — Matt
  11. soupking

    Why Get a Custom When You Can...

    I have a Laughlin and a couple Kamakas. Can’t beat a pine-topped Fluke concert with plastic fretboard. I have a koa one, too, that’s less-used, so I know. Cheers to everyone I’ve ever dealt with here, it’s been a trip:u http://
  12. soupking

    Only For You/ Kamaka Centennial HF-3

    I haven't been around much. I did this, though, and thought it turned out okay. F-bomb at the end, sadly. Couldn't control myself. Apologies. I've been listening to a lot of old recordings I've done and the Kamaka sound is pretty perfect. Other ukuleles lack the shimmer. Also, my email has been...
  13. soupking

    WTB: Kiwaya KS-1

    Looking for the entry level Kiwaya KS-1. I need it fast, which is why I have to bypass my old standby- Hawaii Music Supply, this time- so if I don't get any shouts within the next day or two, I'll just go that route. I guess pm with condition and desired price or whatever if looking to sell...
  14. soupking

    FS: Recent Blackbird Clara w/Misi Pick-up

    Selling this BB Clara I just got from scdano. He bought it from Mim in December. I traded it for a BB BTU tenor. It has a factory installed Misi pick-up. Comes with all original paperwork and Misi charger. Asking $950 flat shipped/insured to CONUS only. I don't know how to flip the pics, nor...
  15. soupking

    The Doctor Is Real In

    I listed this Blackbird BTU tenor for a steal a while ago, but held onto it after I was able to sell one of my HF-3s, for next to nothing, too :( Anyway, it's wintery here outside Philadelphia again and I hate it! So, the Blackbird-- it's awesome in this weather. I don't really take anything but...
  16. soupking

    Which Tenor Laminate for the Office?

    Alas, here's somewhere my Kamaka would never go: :cool:
  17. soupking

    Laughlin 3K

    I don't always forget to take my signature off a post, but when I do, on nearly every occasion of said blunder, someone inboxes me about my Laughlin. It's a style 3 koa copy, in the twenties fashion, and it's pretty insane. Anyway, here's some sound... before I'm forced to sell it to some...
  18. soupking

    Blackbird BTU CF Tenor (Recent)

    More pics that I'm sure will end up sideways :rolleyes: They are! I just checked. I give up.
  19. soupking

    Blackbird BTU CF Tenor (Recent)

    Selling my Blackbird Carbon Fiber tenor I purchased from Hawaii Music Supply last year. Doesn't have much playing time, with the usual scratch marks on the face that are impossible to photograph. I'm asking $1,000, shipped and insured to CONUS only-- sorry. I can take more pics and send by...
  20. soupking

    FS: Kamaka HF-3 (2015)

    Selling my Kamaka I purchased from Hawaii Music Supply last year. Doesn't have much playing time, with the usual scratch marks on the face that are impossible to photograph. I have a '16 model I'll keep in lieu of this one, too. This one is actually better due to the high gloss finish, though...
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