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  1. Ginas uke

    "This Years Girl" cover

  2. Ginas uke

    Seasons 343 "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly"

    Greetings, Here is my thread, hopefully my playlist will be copied correctly. The vid explains it all except, you know the usual times and rules apply. Please let your uke be the star. Here is what I forgot to mention, any artist with Clint in his name also is acceptable. And the words I...
  3. Ginas uke

    Season 312 - Contrast

    Greetings, OMG I am so very very honored. The season was spectacular, and I never even considered my entry worth of mentioning let alone winning. Thanks to everyone and their wonderful vids to watch and enjoy and to you our host! My passion is baseball, and in particular Citifield in Queens NY...
  4. Ginas uke

    This is just vids for fun. Gina S.

    Greetings More vids to follow Ciao
  5. Ginas uke

    Season 263 Sun Record Artists

    So maybe it worked to at least see what I was trying to do. :)
  6. Ginas uke

    Seasons of the Uke #259 - It's GROUNDHOG DAY!!

    Greetings All, It's Groundhog Day! What does that mean - well Punxsutawney Phil and I will try to explain it. The vid probably does a better job, but here goes. The movie Groundhog Day is about trying to do the same thing over and over until you get it right. Your mission..... A) Record the...
  7. Ginas uke

    I don't know If I am right - but are the seasonistas are dwindling???

    Greetings, Just to test my theory, I am posting one of my more recent vids here. Just wondering, I miss seeing a lot of folks on the Seasons. some post in both places? I know the regular Seasons have seen this one...... Ciao
  8. Ginas uke

    Seaso 238 : Sharknado Time!

    Greetings, It's Sharknado Time! Posting early as I am heading out for Holiday Weekend. Here's the rules: Usual start and end times apply Your music is your art - so do as you wish with multi-tracking (or not), Video production (or not), other instruments with your uke (or not)...well you get...
  9. Ginas uke

    Season 218: Wildlife songs

    Greetings All, This is such an exciting week! If time permits I want to re-record a song I did last year called "Muskrat Love". Not sure if I'll get to it, but the song calls me somehow. I love all the woodland critters that come into my yard, and I feed them. Even the squirrels which most...
  10. Ginas uke

    This is just a test, as I want to host future seasons

    Test Playlist, trying to get name to come up.
  11. Ginas uke

    Season 182 - HAIR - songs with a hair connection

    Yes selfies are tacky. And so is this shirt. But on my way to the Mets game. If I could think of a song to match my love of baseball to this weeks theme I would. But alas I can't.
  12. Ginas uke

    Season 176: Rainbows

    Greetings, Lots of good video's - going to be hard to decide who to choose. I tried to attach a picture of a rainbow over Citi Field - a picture taken at a NY Mets game. If it works, it's a cool pic. Ciao, Gina
  13. Ginas uke

    Test Post for Season 151
  14. Ginas uke

    Ciao and Greetings from NJ

    Hi Gina from NJ. Love the uke,banjoele and playing in local meetups. All music is fun, sometimes I sing in Italian the songs my father used to play. Still trying to figure out how to upload attachments to these forums. It's not liking my iPad videos but I have hope. 😀
  15. Ginas uke

    Season 150 - New Year, New Jersey!

    First post Ginas uke Hi Hope this works. Not a very user friendly interface. Ciao to all Gina.
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