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    Thread Disappearances

    Yes, I've used the google method. It was Passion - Lemonade. Perhaps, we were too detailed? I remember putting the guitar chords as well with other jazz substitutions to change it up. I just couldn't remember the substitution chords I listed. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to re-find that video...
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    Thread Disappearances

    I haven't been here in a while. I tried searching for chords to a song I figured out long ago and posted because I forgot what alternate chords I said could be used, but they have since disappeared. In fact, all traces of the song have disappeared other than a couple mentions as a favorite song...
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    West San Fernando Valley/Guitar Merchant

    If I ever wake up in time, I would go.
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    West San Fernando Valley/Guitar Merchant

    You guys/gals meeting tomorrow?
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    Aldrine and Victor Kim who?

    I randomly stumbled across this video. I was watching a happyslip video and thought, "Hey, it's that Quest Crew guy," and clicked to his profile—voila! He's playing uke with Aldrine! What a random combination, but it works!
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    New Breedlove Ukulele Prices Original estimates were going to be set at $999, but it looks like they will unfortunately start at $1,339. I still haven't seen any pictures of the production models. I'm slightly disappointed. Oh, well. :(
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    Song Help Request boy girl duets?

    Tonight You Belong to Me Winner!
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    Original UU Jam Tracks

    "I've just had an apostrophe. Lightning... has just struck my brain." What if UU had its own download-able backing tracks to help us with soloing and improvisation? :drool:
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    Song Help Request She Was Mine - AJ Rafael oops.. nvm. you needed help with the picking... lol
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    non-uke related valentine's day ideas

    Unfortunately, the perfect ideas can't always be reused each year. Share some of your awesome ideas. Ukulele serenades are pretty obvious, so I don't think it needs to be restated. P.S. Never combine ideas into one. Lesson learned. haha
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    La La La - LMFAO

    Being a song that has no strumming pattern, whichever strumming feels right to you is the right one. :) Although, if you really can't live without a codified pattern, try this: D XU UXU
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    leader board solution

    I don't want to prevent them from their own thread (it's fun to read from time to time), but maybe posts in the leader board thread shouldn't count. I used to be in a forum with an Off-Topic section similar to leader board where the posts simply don't count. Something just feels missing without...
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    J Boog - Love Season (Acoustic)

    Haha, thanks. It's the thought that counts. :)
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    Song Help Request When We Say (Juicebox)-AJ Rafael

    Intro: 4402 4302 2400 2300 2302/2100 (quick change) Chorus: 2400 4x22 4402 2400 4x22 4x22/6x44 (slide) 2400 4x22 4x22/6x44 (slide) 3102 (or you can try 3122. not sure which sounds better) 2400 4x22 Hopefully that's enough to get you through figuring out the rest.
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    Duncan reminded me of Alan (UKISOCIETY)

    Alan, I just started to notice a resemblance between you and frequent Onion News Network guest Duncan Birch. Am I just crazy? :nana:
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    Runaway Pinky during Warm-ups

    Edit:hmm... It was supposed to say "Runaway Pinky during warm-ups." Not sure what happened. "the worm" Well, you know how you're supposed to keep your fingers as close to the fretboard as possible? My pinky flies up...
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    Congrats to deach on Rep!

    I think I just bumped him to up 100+ rep for an amazing two (2) green bars! :D You definitely deserve this one. Here's to deach! :cheers:
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    George Watsky feat. Passion - I Got This Love

    I figure I would actually be proactive instead of reactive in creating Ukulele Tabs/Chords. New single just released. There's gotta be some demand right? Basic chord structure--very simple. Style it up how you like it. Gmaj7 - 0222 A - 2100 Bm7 - 2222 Timing goes as follows: | Gmaj7 - - - | |...
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