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  1. Hochapeafarm

    Moving the forum today!

    Aloha, Rayan and UU team! I just LOVE the new site!!! It looks awesome and is super user-friendly — thank you so much for keeping the forum ALIVE and WELL!!! Wooooot woot!!!!! Big hugs to you all!!!! Happy strums, everyone!!!!
  2. Hochapeafarm

    Going on today Ukulele Festival Hawaii 2021 (online event)

    Aloha, uke friends! Wanted to share that the ‘Ukulele Festival Hawaii 2021 is going on today (online); I believe it’s from, Hawaiian time, 9 am - 2 pm. This is the fest that Roy and Kathy Sakuma transitioned over to Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel for organizing and hosting. It looks like it’s going...
  3. Hochapeafarm

    Is your uke group meeting in person now?

    Hey, friends! I’m looking to get feedback from folks who participate in ‘ukulele groups, gatherings. Is your group meeting in-person for your strum/sing-a-long sessions? I have been doing Zoom strum/sing-a-longs for my group, but I have been looking to start up in-person meetings again. In my...
  4. Hochapeafarm

    Seasonistas on-line get together / open mic

    Howdy, friends!!! Long time, no see! I have been missing you all so much! I sure hope that this finds you all doing well! Steve, I hope your puppa-dog is doing alright! I had wondered if your dog had ACL surgery? My father’s dog just had the operation last week, and is also confined to a...
  5. Hochapeafarm

    WTB: aNueNue AMM2 concert uke

    Please PM me if you have one you’d like to sell. Thx!
  6. Hochapeafarm

    aNueNue UC3K Koa Bird Concert

    Anyone have one they’d like to sell? Please PM me, if so.
  7. Hochapeafarm

    Pono Pro Classic Macassar Ebony (ETSH PCC) Tenor

    Uke Now Strung and Updated Pics Hey, guys ~ I went ahead and strung the uke with a Ko’olau ‘Alohi High G set with a Wound C (I’ll still include the other strings in the sale if you would like them!). I’m going to allow the strings to settle a day or so, then I’ll make a sound sample to share...
  8. Hochapeafarm

    feedback on Maui Music ukuleles

    I’m highly interested in purchasing a Maui Music concert ‘ukulele, but as I’ve never owned a Maui Music instrument before, I don’t have a great deal of knowledge about them. I have found some info online about the luthier, Peter Lieberman, who builds them. I’ve learned that he is a fantastic...
  9. Hochapeafarm

    WTB: Hawaiian Style Ukulele instructional music books

    I just read about this series (three books in total: beginner, intermediate, and advanced) of instructional music books called ‘Hawaiian Style Ukulele.’ Tyler Gilman is one of the authors of this series, evidently. I’m not having much luck trying to find copies online. If you happen to have one...
  10. Hochapeafarm

    my new go-to online ukulele store

    If you haven’t had the pleasure, yet, of working with Tyler Gilman of Ukulele Store Hawai’i, at, I highly recommend giving him a call. I’ve been working with him the past few days as he’s been helping me find a concert ukulele with a radius fretboard. The inventory...
  11. Hochapeafarm

    Pono Pro Classic Macassar Ebony (ETSH PCC) Tenor

    SOLD Pono Pro Classic Macassar Ebony tenor (ETSH PCC) with solid cedar top and slotted headstock for sale. Uke is from 2013 (serial number #130368). Comes with Ko’olau/Pono hard case. Also included with the sale are three sets of new strings: Uke Logic High G soft tension; Aquila Lava High G...
  12. Hochapeafarm

    Are You Doing Okay? (I miss you)

  13. Hochapeafarm

    Pono ATDC-SP Deluxe Tenor

    Happy Strums
  14. Hochapeafarm

    Wonkiness on forum? Anyone else?

    I’ve had this happen, now, five times with trying to post since I logged on today. I have to edit my post because it gets truncated (known issue that’s been going on for months), but now, I’m getting duplicate, even multiple posts when I attempt to correct the truncation issue by editing the...
  15. Hochapeafarm

    HMS Reverb presence gone?

    Just tried to look at what ukes HMS has listed on their Reverb page and there were 0 listings. Did HMS get rid of their presence on Reverb? It seems unusual, even considering the holidays and Covid, that they’d have completely sold out and have zero listings. Last I had checked a month or two...
  16. Hochapeafarm

    Christmas Day (play-along video)

    Happy Holidays, everyone! Hope you enjoy my new Christmas original which features our very own Kevin Griffin on electric uke and backing vocals, and his friend, Willie Favero, on bass guitar!
  17. Hochapeafarm

    Aquamarine (ukulele cover by Chelle Heart)

    Delete thread Delete post.
  18. Hochapeafarm

    Uke Cover of Lullaby (The Cure)

    Here’s a uke cover of The Cure’s ‘Lullaby’ that I did to celebrate Halloween - Happy Halloween!
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