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    A cheap Soprano question?

    I was recently bought by a well meaning person a Soprano complete with a soft case, which I believe cost around £25.00 = about $37. My question is, because it has rubbish strings that stretch a lot each time I play it, would a set of Aquila strings be a waste of money? or will they give a bit...
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    String Tuner question

    Hi, I have a Guitarman tuner but it came with no instructions,my question is.It has two buttons on the right side ,the top one turns it on and changes the instrument from guitar ,bass,violin,ukulele.The bottom button changes the numbers with an A by the side of them from A 430 up to A 450 in...
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    Song Help Request Romance /Romanza/Romantica tabs

    Thanks for that deach. I've downloaded the PDF.
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    Romance De Amour

    Thanks very much for your time and trouble Valerie.I've been looking for this piece for a while now. Pity your avatar has your hands over your face. :-)
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    Song Help Request Romance /Romanza/Romantica tabs

    Just so that anyone who might be interested knows, I have located two versions. One simple and one difficult.
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    Song Help Request Romance /Romanza/Romantica tabs

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of the tabs for an old Spanish tune called Romance / Romanza /Romantica, it has been know by all those names. Apparently it's an anonymous piece. I used to play it on Guitar years ago but have long since lost it. I would love to give it a go on my Tenor...
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    Tenor intonation puzzle.

    Hi, I recently purchased a new Tenor . Firstly I tried a few to find the one I liked best. Of the ones I tried two of them puzzled me. Being new to ukulele but not guitar I left those two alone but I wonder if anyone has any answers. I checked the intonation at the 12th fret on all of them with...
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    Finger style playing, I've found a good book.

    Being a great admirer of Ken Middletons,I have been wondering how I can learn a finger picking plus a chord / arpeggio style of playing.(I'm a rubbish singer, my listeners always request "Over the hills and Far Away ). I have found what appears to be a really good book. It's called "Fingerstyle...
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    The most difficult chord shape.

    To save me waiting until I stumble upon it. Can someone tell me what is considered the most difficult chord shape to fret. I want to get a larger Uke than my Soprano and my reasoning is that, if I can fret this chord on say a Tenor then I should be ok but if I cant then maybe a Concert would be...
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    E7 chord mystery???

    I expect there's a simple answer to this but I wonder if this is a mistake. I have the " Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Book 2" In it the E7 chord is 4445 but in my chord chart that I down loaded from "Pa Mele O Hokulea Ukulele Academy" it shows 1202. They are both E7 are they both correct ? as...
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    The Ash Grove

    I really enjoyed your playing Ken but I could not download the tabs for it. It must be my P C, if everyone else is ok.I used to play it on Guitar many years ago and my Daughter aged 6yrs used to sing it while I played. She's a Granny now. Time flies!! Edited above I have now downloaded it ...
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    Splits cracks etc

    Is splitting /cracking a real issue with solid wood Ukulele's in the U.K, if so is it worth getting/making a case humidifier Or am I being to cautious.
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    Ashbury / vintage Tenors

    Hi, As I cant seem to find any reviews of Ashbury or Vintage Tenors , does anyone out there have any experience of either ,good or bad. Unfortunately here in the UK we are not spoilt for choice and where I live these plus Kala sometimes, are the ones mostly offered to me. Thanks
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    Baritone GCEA is this a bad idea?

    Hi , I am wondering if tuning the Baritone to GCEA is bad for the instrument, strain on the neck. I understand that GCEA strings are made for the Baritone but I read somewhere that the Baritone was given its normal tuning to avoid damage.
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    Best Ukulele for music not singing.

    Ukulele for playing just music not singing As I am a complete novice with the Ukulele it may be a daft question but is there a Uke that is better suited to playing musical melodies as I have no desire to sing? My local music shop has loads of Ukulele music books but they all are chords...
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    Baritone / Tenor Chords and notes

    Hi, I have been given a Soprano Uke for Christmas but I do like the sound of the larger models . Can someone tell me, if I play the GCEA chords and tabs on the Baritone Ukulele whether I will run into any unforseen problems, because I have an old guitar and I can play the chords and tabs in my...
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    Another newbie says HI.

    Hi Folks, Just to introduce myself,so that I can warn you that I'm likely to be asking some probably daft questions in the near future. Many years ago (40 ) I taught myself to play accoustic Guitar and much to my amazement got totally hooked on playing classical music. Work and family...
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