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  1. J

    Does anyone walk while playing? or play while walking?

    I can play standing and walking but only with a strap on my ukulele, tenor and baritone. I prefer to sit and play with strap on.
  2. J

    Strings Changing Strings Back and Forth

    I have a Tenor ukulele that one day I want a high G string and another day I want a low G string. So question is, if I change the strings back and forth and keep them for future use, will they still be good to use? Or will the strings sound bad when...
  3. J

    Recovering Lost In A Daze

    Hello again everybody. Have been sick for awhile. Happy to be alive and back again. Love this forum. Now I need to relearn to play.Love all of you.
  4. J

    Ukulele sliding in ones lap

    I try to hold my ukulele in a classical type position but it seems to always slide away. It rest on the inside of my right leg. What can I do to make it stay in position? I am playing a Baritone ukulele.
  5. J

    Re-entrant tuning?

    I love it too.
  6. J

    Re-entrant tuning?

    When I lived in Cebu Philippines I use to go to the Lighthouse Restaurant. They have a group of blind people playing music and singing. One or two of the men always played a bandurria. They sounded great too. I think there is an organization that provides for...
  7. J

    Uke Straps

    I use and have a strap on all of my ukuleles and guitaleles. Once adjusted to the right length it works great. The pegs have never hurt any of my instruments. On my guitars I use a foot pedal and sit all of the time so I do not need a strap. I cannot stand and...
  8. J

    Buying new vs used.

    Buying an instrument to play or as a gift to someone buy new. Do not buy other people's problems. Buy second hand only if you are an experienced collector.
  9. J

    Is it a good idea to have ukuleles with DGBE and GCEA tuning

    Having a Tenor tuned DGBE the same as my Baritone is great for finger picking. When my old small hands will not make the stretch on my Baritone I reach for the Tenor. I finger pick only most of the time and the Tenor and Baritone are both great for finger...
  10. J

    Guilele (Guitalele, Guitarlele, ..., etc)

    A guitalele is the way to go in my opinion. True they come tuned A-A. However, I keep mind tuned G-G and sometimes I drop the tuning all the way down to E-E. You can take any sheet music or book to learn and pretend the instrument is tuned E-E and...
  11. J

    Baritone Ukulele Aerobics

    Baritone Ukulele Aerobics by Chad Johnson. That is what I am working on now. It is set up as a 40 week course. Ouch, it might take me 40 months. I am now working on week 11 and may be for awhile. The technique of playing, alternating i m i m i m. . ..I have...
  12. J

    Banjolele, Tenor/Baritone Size

    Thank you.
  13. J

    Banjolele, Tenor/Baritone Size

    Is there on the market a Banjolele that is Tenor or Baritone size?
  14. J

    'Kmise' ukulele, anyone?

    I have two Kmise instruments. A Baritone Ukulele and a 20 inch scale Guitalele. I love them both especially for the price. The Guiitalele has some small fret spurs but they are no big deal. The Baritone is almost perfect and sounds very bright.
  15. J

    Age Is Just A Number

    Always be thankfull to be alive and thankfull for what you do have. Look around, it could be worse. That is my way of thinking. You may not agree with me, but, I thank God for everything I have and each day itself.
  16. J

    Age Is Just A Number

    LOL - Hang in there, it gets worse as one goes. My friend told me on day, he believes God made old age so one would not mind dying so much.
  17. J

    Age Is Just A Number

    Yes Dick but you are still a youngster.:)
  18. J

    The Guitalele, Mini, Kiku, Ukitar, Guilele, "Six course small bodied instruments" thread

    I am happy to talk music, however, since the world has went crazy how does anyone go about if? I do not like, funk, rap, jive, jazz, hard rock. A little classical is OK, key word "little". I often wonder what happened to plain old simple nice music...
  19. J

    The Guitalele, Mini, Kiku, Ukitar, Guilele, "Six course small bodied instruments" thread

    My Guitalele GL-1 and my Kmise Guitalele (longer scale) are my guitars. I am planning on a Anuenue when I get a chance to go to Bangkok and try one out and if happy with it it will come home with me.
  20. J

    Claw Hammer, need help

    I have been trying different ideas. Some of mine and some from here. I am still trying to play clawhammer the traditional way. However, some times I find my middle finger, ring finger, and pinky flared out like when one plays the triplet strum. When I notice it...
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