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  1. gabzuke

    Song Help Request Love at a distance - ryan bandong

    I really love this song, any help please?
  2. gabzuke

    Song Help Request drake- the best i ever had

    after playing 1111, you can switch to 3333 again, it sounds alright
  3. gabzuke

    Danyo Cumming'sPerfect Together

    oh and the strum patterns are: D X U U X
  4. gabzuke

    Song Help Request The song- Oh is it love- hellogoodbye

    I think the part how it goes "oh dear" when you use the g chord pick the 4 fret of the C string the pick it back to 3rd fret get me? i think it goes like that g|---2------- C|---3------- E|---2--2-4-2 A|-----------
  5. gabzuke

    Song Help Request Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caliat- Lucky

    the first one sounds better so if its like F/B, play F instead of B so go for the C
  6. gabzuke

    Song Help Request So Quiet Aj Rafael

    Verse goes like this: C So I know this little lady F She makes my head go crazy G# G(pause) And she's my everything C I love when were together F She's also my forever G# G(pause) She's the only one for me G#...
  7. gabzuke

    sanchez uke

    does this look like a good uke? anyone have experience with this uke? p.s. i think chris ramos is using this uke. im not sure but dont take this seriously haha
  8. gabzuke

    Is paypal safe?

    Im not an experienced paypal user but i would like to buy something online via paypal without signing up (which is using your credit card). Is that any safe? any help would be appreciated
  9. gabzuke

    which case?

    hey guys! I'm looking for a case for my greg bennett uk70 concert but im really confused which one to purchase. Most online stores would recommend this tenor case but when i checked the dimensions, its atleast 3cm bigger! check it out
  10. gabzuke

    Song Help Request Chords for Can't Find the Words by Karina

    im onto it you just looking for the intro? or the whole thing?
  11. gabzuke

    what strings should i use?

    im have a greg bennett uk 70 concert and ive been informed that im needed to change strings. Ive been confused about which strings are good. aquila, worth etc. But the uk 70 lacks the volume so im kinda thinking aquilas, but im letting yous think. whats it gonna be?
  12. gabzuke

    Song Help Request Musiq Soulchild - Just Friends

    well thats how he played it. just check out his youtube
  13. gabzuke

    Danyo Cumming'sPerfect Together

    sorry if it confused you, i changed it new to the code thing so the space thats between the g chord and the Bm7 chord is the same beat as the others :D sorry for the inconvenience from my noobness hehe
  14. gabzuke

    Danyo Cumming'sPerfect Together

    |--2--2-2s3-2---2--2-2s3-2--2--2-2s3-2--5-3-2-----] |--3--------------2------------3---------------5-3] x2 |--2--------------2------------4------------------] |-----------------2------------0------------------]
  15. gabzuke

    Song Help Request Just Friends - Musiq Soulchild

    Em 0432 D#m 0321 (not sure bout the chord name but im sure thats the right one) F 6/9 0210 Am 2000 Bm7 2222 have fun :shaka:
  16. gabzuke

    Song Help Request Musiq Soulchild - Just Friends

    well this was from mcarreon89 and it goes like Em 0432 Ebm? 0321 (not sure bout the chord name but im sure thats the right one) F 6/9 0210 Am 2000 Bm7 2222 and it just goes on if you cant find certain chords, this might be very helpful
  17. gabzuke

    Any aussies here that play the ukulele?

    anyone in the parramatta area? or blacktown? hahah:D
  18. gabzuke

    Song Help Request I just want you (gabe bondoc version)

    yeah i knew it was half a step down coz i figured the first two chords but it didnt sound quite right. thanks for the chhords too tripl3thr33!
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