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  1. ukuleledaveey

    Season 152 "Bring me fun, bring me sunshine,bring me love for Ukey Dave "

    Hello all, as most of you if not all of you are aware of the sad news that Paul very kindly passed on to us via this forum of the sad passing of Ukey Dave. I have decided to host this week in honour,in remembrance and to share the joy and love that was ukey Dave. Rules :- Basically folks...
  2. ukuleledaveey

    Season 131 - Homecoming

    Howdy gang and what a great theme.This is my official entry for this weeks challenge. This is a old bush ranger song that has many many versions, their is the Irish versions and Australian versions, and they have been sung by many many artists. I have drawn inspiration from a West Australian...
  3. ukuleledaveey

    Manitoba Hal UK Tour 2014

    that sounds wicked, any chance you would consider our uke club Bsus. check out our club site for contact details we have been lucky to have Phil Doleman visit us before :) Happy easter.
  4. ukuleledaveey

    Upcoming Workshops and gigs in the UK

    we would definately love to have you back some time :)
  5. ukuleledaveey

    Upcoming Workshops and gigs in the UK

    Hi ya phil are you doing any thing down sarf ? you played at our xmas do a couple of years ago in bishops stortford :)
  6. ukuleledaveey

    "Mr Blue Sky" Performed by Bsus (Bishop's Stortford Ukulele society)

    Hi All, fellow seasonista's may have noticed my lack of action in the seasons of late, well apart from the Heat wave here in the Uk, I have been doing gigs with my local Uke club, Yesterday (20,7/13) we were asked to perform at the Lemmington Spa Ukulele festival, a charity event. We have been...
  7. ukuleledaveey

    Any groups in SW London / North Surrey, UK?

    Check out krabbers he runs some uke related thing in surrey :-)
  8. ukuleledaveey

    Ukulele World Congress 2013

    Have a great time, i have started saving for next year :)
  9. ukuleledaveey

    Colchester Ukulele Academy

    wow thats some journey, give me a shout if your ever over in the Uk again, im hoping to make UWC 2014 (if i can save enough) hope you had a great easter mate :)
  10. ukuleledaveey

    Any groups in Suffolk/Essex UK?

    And check out this new club to
  11. ukuleledaveey

    New Uke Club for Clacton/Colchester UK

    put some posters up locally and get a piece in your local paper,we did, we started a new uke club in december we now already have over 30 plus members
  12. ukuleledaveey

    Colchester Ukulele Academy

    I know plenty:) including my sisters :)
  13. ukuleledaveey

    The UU Photo thread. Post your photos etc. that you'd like to share with members

    And a few more look what you guys have started :)
  14. ukuleledaveey

    The UU Photo thread. Post your photos etc. that you'd like to share with members

    What a great thread and fantastic photos Folks, my grandad was president of The Royal Photographic Society, many years ago and has written books on Photography and he did a Portrait shoot with Winston Churchill and family, George lazenby (007 in one film) and Album cover With Nana Mouskori...
  15. ukuleledaveey

    Teddy bears picnic

    Hi all just thought i would share my latest entry for the ongoing seasons of the ukulele competition/challenge this is a version of that childrens classic "Teddy bears picnic) it has 12 chords and about 108 chord changes in it, so gets your fingers working it is good to play as a exercise to...
  16. ukuleledaveey

    Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, St. Albans.

    shame you chaps are so far away as we have just started the " Stort valley Ukers" based in Sawbridgeworth, only had 2 meetings so far aas we broke away from our old uke club, i have been to ver players a few times not been the last 3 months though. My mate saw UOGB at the royal albert hall in...
  17. ukuleledaveey

    Song Help Request Tip for working out songs from video

    Thanks mate :) you still doing good with your play touch ?, its a shame there is no more recent firmware updates for it, oh while im here and your the computer wizard :) do you recommend any video editing software that is free, as windows movie maker is pooh, it is such a shame that mac has...
  18. ukuleledaveey

    Song Help Request Tip for working out songs from video

    sorry if i am asking a dumb question but i know nothing about computers etc, i a, so envious of you all with the knowledge :) anyway can you edit videos with this programe or is just for watching/listening to media on ? cheers
  19. ukuleledaveey


    Thought i would give this a little "Ppppuuusshh " :biglaugh: And kind of hoping you wonderful people on here would be so good to consider making a donation to this wonderful cause as little as you can spare it all counts, well I have been grwing a Mo for just under a month now, only 5 days to...
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