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  1. SeattleSean

    Best Songwriting book?

    Hi fellow ukesters! I am interested in learning about songwriting. Amazon seems to have a lot of different songwriting books and I'm not sure which one to pick up. Anyone have a recommendation for a good songwriting book?
  2. SeattleSean

    NUD: Moore Bettah whale & hibiscus concert

    Since NatalieS posted her octopus tenor today (, I thought I'd share one of the siblings from the same batch. This week I was delighted to take delivery of a concert model from Chuck, which has a...
  3. SeattleSean

    How do you memorize tab?

    I play it a thousand time to teach myself a song, and as I refine the picking, chord changes, rhythm, etc., I naturally memorize it from the repetition. A nice by-product of being a slow learner is that memorization takes care of itself. ;-)
  4. SeattleSean

    Song Help Request St. Louis Blues

    No tabs - it has the melody line in music sheet format, and the chords above it. The book also comes with 2 cd's with listen-to and play-along versions of all of the songs. And another note: I got myself reversed. the James Hill version is in G and I transposed it to D to play it at a little...
  5. SeattleSean

    Song Help Request St. Louis Blues

    There's a version in the new(ish) James Hill jazz book that I enjoyed playing. It's in the key of D and I transposed it to G.
  6. SeattleSean

    Song Help Request Friend of the Devil intro help

    Hey phrunk, that's a nifty looking tablature thing-y you used there. Mind if I ask what program/app/website you use for that? Chris, once you get it figured out, post a video. I have a feeling this will sound super cool on the uke!
  7. SeattleSean

    Aldrine and Aaron live on stage!!!

    Oh man, that's what I get for not logging in in a while. This woulda be amazing to go to!
  8. SeattleSean

    Song Help Request Itsumo Nando Demo (Spirited Away)

    Oh wow super cool! Since this is very waltz-y, I wanted to look for or derive a low-G arrangement. You make it so easy. ;-)
  9. SeattleSean

    Song Help Request Itsumo Nando Demo (Spirited Away)

    Okay so this is super cool! My fiancee & I received a wedding gift from her sister, which is a music box that plays this song. I have seen a lot of good performances of the song by uke-sters, but the tabs I've found haven't been great until I came across this from an archive search. Thanks...
  10. SeattleSean

    2014 San Diego Ukulele Festival is on!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cool -- now that I'm living in SoCal, I'll def go check this out. Editorial note: hopefully the lousy website isn't reflective of what's in store at the event itself.
  11. SeattleSean

    DIY Uke 'backpack'

    hi all! I am getting a Vespa, which I'm incredibly excited about! Since I live along the coast, I have this idea of strapping my uke case onto my back, so I can then idly play on the beach. Anyone have a suggestion about a good way to essentially turn my case into a backpack? I"m sure I could...
  12. SeattleSean

    Song Help Request 'Something' Chord suggestion for low-G uke

    thanks mate -- it's been a gas to start learning a few songs in this style. I like to noodle and then (hopefully!) after a while a nice arrangement will emerge. thanks again!
  13. SeattleSean

    Song Help Request 'Something' Chord suggestion for low-G uke

    Got it, so it's a variation of the D7 that you drop in at the end of the first verse. Okay, so here is my before and after video. I haven't smoothed it out yet, but the whole thing is noodling, anyway. (I think I need a pop filter, 'cause my C's are a bit lispy. Oh well)...
  14. SeattleSean

    Song Help Request 'Something' Chord suggestion for low-G uke

    Wow, you are truly a genius! Do you mind telling me what the names of those chords are? Boy, that one little change makes the transitions sound so so much better! Now I will have to record & post a quick video with two versions, before and after. These new chords may take an extra beat to...
  15. SeattleSean

    Song Help Request 'Something' Chord suggestion for low-G uke

    Hey man, thank you for responding! Yes, I did try that, and I think it's actually the D itself that is not sounding good. I wonder if there is a 7th or something that I can play instead, or perhaps something else besides the D? I have been going my my memory of the song rather than listening to...
  16. SeattleSean

    Song Help Request 'Something' Chord suggestion for low-G uke

    Hi all! I have been noodling on a finger-stylie version of Something, on my new Low-G uke that I am still getting used to. (Here's a link to the version I'm using: My question comes from the 3rd line in 1st verse...
  17. SeattleSean

    California Ukulele Academy workshop, who's going?

    Wow, look like fun. I live a couple of hours away, so I'll have to try to make it next year!
  18. SeattleSean

    Chief Noda's Prelude for Cello - Help with rough spot?

    Wow, very cool! I have started playing the John King version of this, and it is an absolute killer. I'll have to give this version a go to see where the differences lie. Very well played -- great job!
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