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  1. arashi_nero

    New banjo uke... and it was free!!

    thank you everyone for the feedback. i can't wait to get this thing back into working shape and rock out! ukeeku, thank you for the link to your tutorial. i think i am going to try doing this myself. my setup is a little different. there's a ring inside the head, but i think i can work...
  2. arashi_nero

    New banjo uke... and it was free!!

    Last week, the library where we host our uke club asked me to call a guy who was asking about the club. When I called the guy, he told me he had a banjo uke he had just fixed up and wanted to sell it for $30. I told him I would take it and the wife said for that price, I had no reason not to...
  3. arashi_nero

    Possibly buying a banjo uke (UAS starts again!) - questions

    so, i was on the local craig's list and found a person trying to get rid of a couple of banjo ukes. this really peaked my interest because of the price and time period these were made. the add says the ukes play, but need new heads. after finally getting a hold of the seller, he/she told me...
  4. arashi_nero

    Ukulele Group Forming in El Paso, TX

    blazin, i'll be in japan for the next two weeks. after i get back, i'll msg you and we'll jam sometime. as far as i know, we had only one bordertown uke meeting and the leader moved to austin. i was too busy moving to try and meet with the other few people who were in the group.
  5. arashi_nero

    What happened to Tropical Storm Hawaii?...

    are there any updates on this? i've been trying to get onto the website for a couple of days and up to today, i was getting that rant message. now i get a page saying the domain is up for sale. wtf?
  6. arashi_nero

    Ukulele Group Forming in El Paso, TX

    Is this still going? I just moved to El Paso and am totally interested!
  7. arashi_nero

    Utah Ukelele Players Meeting

    yeah, i'm promoting the meeting, but unfortunately i won't be able to make it. i got a job offer in el paso the end of last week and i'm heading out tomorrow to look at houses. all this time i've wanted to go to the utah ukulele meetings and haven't been able to, now i'm moving and won't be...
  8. arashi_nero

    What's the uke scene like in El Paso, TX?

    So, I just got a job offer on Friday from a company in El Paso, TX, and we'll be moving down there the beginning of October. The uke scene in Utah isn't huge, but there are a couple clubs and many friends who play. Is there anyone from UU there or know how it is down there? I guess if not...
  9. arashi_nero

    Utah Ukelele Players Meeting

    haha, so it was the UUA meeting you were talking about. i've been wanting to go to one of their meetings. i'll do what i can to make it up there. i may actually be moving to el paso in the next month, so i really do need to make it a point to get up there.
  10. arashi_nero

    Utah Ukelele Players Meeting

    yeah, i'm in orem. i'm sure you got that already. but meeting to play would be awesome. i keep wanting to go to the monthly UUA meetings, but they always have it on saturdays i can't go for some reason. it'll be nice to meet up with other ukers in utah!! i know down here, at least, there's...
  11. arashi_nero

    Full List of Live Lessons

    this thread is awesome, and i've come to it many times to find different songs i'm wanting to learn. however, i've been looking and i haven't found a thread with the resources that aldrine types into the chat. i usually can't watch the lesson live, so i don't see what he's typing into the...
  12. arashi_nero

    UUers from good ol' Iowa.

    this is why you just need to have fun playing your bassoon and the scholarship money will come. bassoon is not for everyone, but if you enjoy playing it, you will be rewarded in more ways than with money. plus, parents are always going to worry about how to pay for their kids' college...
  13. arashi_nero

    UUers from good ol' Iowa.

    if you're only 13, no point in getting your own now. especially because of the cost. i would wait till at least you've graduated high school. i bought my bassoon right after graduation. i actually started when i was 13, too. keep it up. playing other instruments is fun, but the two most...
  14. arashi_nero

    UUers from good ol' Iowa.

    7 months? that's awesome. i think you're dad had an inkling about a common problem. bassoon is a rewarding instrument. extremely unforgiving, but very rewarding. because it is a hard instrument to play and sound correctly, most people do quit not long after starting. keep it up!! it is...
  15. arashi_nero

    UUers from good ol' Iowa.

    sorry i'm a week late on this, but welcome to UU. i haven't been a member here too long myself, but it's a great community and everyone is very helpful. so, you're a fellow bassoonist? i replied to your post on keef's thread. i guess to not hijack his thread, i'll repost what i put there on...
  16. arashi_nero

    Want to strengthen your fingers? Buy an 8-string ukulele!!

    I'm seriously not kidding about this. I play for about an hour every day and I think my fingers are more tired now than they were when I bought my OS tenor, when I changed to higher tension strings on my OS tenor, and when I bought my high-tension Eleuke combined. My fingers HURT!! But they...
  17. arashi_nero

    Beltone vintage ukulele owners: how many of us are there on here?

    In my search of learning a little more about my dad's old uke, I have found almost nothing. Even on UU, I have only seen maybe one thread (other than my own) that makes any mention about Beltone ukuleles. How many Beltone owners are on the site? What's your general impression of your uke...
  18. arashi_nero

    UAS at it's best (or worst): Bought another uke... Also, Mim ROCKS!!

    So, I've done it, I've bought uke #5. This time, I bought a Lanikai LU-8. A friend of mine has this model of uke and it's because of his uke that I got back on the ukulele path of righteousness :p. I've always known that I would buy an 8-string uke, I just didn't think it would be this soon...
  19. arashi_nero

    Song Help Request ff7 Chocobo theme?

    hey, ongvuboy, i just started a group here on UU called Japanese Jammers. if you have questions about japanese, join that club and post up your questions. i'm trying to get as many japanese speakers as possible to help people with japanese questions and then in turn have people like you help...
  20. arashi_nero

    Created a new group for Japanese Speakers

    Hello UU, I just created a new group for all the Japanese speakers out there! Japanese Jammers After a couple recent threads, I have decided to create this group for Japanese speakers to unite and to pool resources. This way, for example, if anyone who would like to do a Japanese song...
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