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    what do you know on your ukulele ?

    On the 9th May I knew how to play, without music or chords in front of me, one tune .. Maire's wedding. I also knew the following chords; C F G g7 A Am D D7 How do I know it was that date ? Because that was the day I decided to enter John's contest. Today, without music or chords in front...
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    Beatles - from Thailand

    Not me, but loved this and thought you may do too.
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    Electric uke - question (probably dumb one!)

    Some of the electric ukes I've seen are solid body with what looks like the pick up just 'plonked in' - by which I mean as though a hole had been driven and the connector end slid in and fixed. Is that right ? or is there more to it than meets the eye ? as in a lot more within the body of the...
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    Video / audio advice please

    I have no recording equipment and no software: ( well actually I lie a bit, I have a kodak zi10 and the software that goes with it, plus the standard windows stuff). I would like to be able to have an 'end result' which has a number of different audio tracks combined (possibly different...
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    UKE on Eurovision song contest -

    Swiss entry, Uke started it off - get everywhere eh ?
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    Eurovision song contest - watching ?

    Well it's that time of the year again - so come on admit it - are YOU watching the Eurovision song contest ? (Half an eye on it here with the other on the forum board lol - helped along by a Crabbies)
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    EugeneUkulele CD's

    We all know that EugeneUkulele is not one to 'blow his own trumpet' - so I am going to do it - I don't know how many of you know that he has created five cd's of his fab music, I now own two of them and can tell you I am totally in awe of the man and his talent. If you have wondered about...
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    new Uke (to me) day

    Today I received a little beaut that has flown half way around the world to reach my itchy fingers. My pre loved Flea has flown from Eugene Ukulele in Tasmania to my little home here in England - AND - arrived in tune !!! She is an absolute delight, named by Eugene and I as Whoopi as she is...
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    Song Help Request NCIS theme

    Been looking for a tab for this, does anyone happen to have one or know where I can get it please ? I know it would be fairly easy for some to tab it out by ear, but I'm still very much a novice in this way. Thanks :)
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    Low G question ...

    Today I bought a low G string to put on the little mahalo I bought as a first ukulele - purely because I keep hearing people discuss or mention ukes strung like this. I haven't put it on yet ( it's a concert string as that was all they had lol - is it only the length that is different or also...
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    Time to try ..

    I've been meaning to have a go at making a ukulele for a while now, and have finally got started with it. I doubt that it will be *playable* but should be fun to make and hopefully look cool as decor. My first try is in clear acrylic - going to be a challenge to do the neck, which I may...
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    Paddle around the pier - Brighton, England - 2nd/3rd July 2011

    So cool we are having more Uke 'things' going on over here now. You'll spot us easily, we'll be the ones singing out of tune, strumming out of time, laughing like hyenas and generally having a blast ....
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    Paddle around the pier - Brighton, England - 2nd/3rd July 2011!/event.php?eid=202305973136438 We're hoping to be there. :D :music:
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    Pinky muting

    This is killing me lol. My hands are small ish, and I mainly play my concert uke as the others are mahala's and just don't have the comparable tone. I just cannot get my pinky to a) reach the G string and b) to move when I tell it to lol. It's something I have only just really started to...
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    Simple design competition - win a baseball cap / tshirt

    Hi guys, This is a competition to design *simple* artwork for a baseball cap. The prize(s) are:- 1st. A baseball cap and a tshirt with the designers work on. 2nd. A baseball cap with the designers work on. 3rd. A baseball cap with the designers work on. RULES: 1.The art work must contain...
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    Plastic Ukes

    I'm desperate to get my hands on a plastic uke from the 60's era or thereabouts - mainly because of their looks I have to say, but would obv like to be able to play it ! :drool: There was one on ebay that I intended bidding on ( it was in the States ) - made contact for shipping quote and all...
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    Ebayer selling copied youtube lessons, caution it could be yours next

    Whilst working my way through ukulele listings on ebay I came across an auction for a pc cd *beginners guitar lessons - ukulele special* - so I looked at it. It stated that the seller had redistribution rights and was able to sell this item. So I bid, and won, and paid and had it sent to me...
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    Clear pic / clipart / linedrawing wanted

    :) Hi guys, Do any of you happen to have a full face on clear image of a ukulele please ? It doesn't matter if it is clipart, linedrawn etc - anything would be great ! Many thanks, MiaRosie
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    MGM Magic strikes again

    It has arrived !! Wrapped up like a baby, my new ukulele had a safe delivery today. I was allowed to take it out of the box and case, tune it up, play a few chords (well I only know a few ) and then hand it back over to be held until Christmas day. Oh the agonies !! I am delighted. Utterly...
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    When you wish upon a star

    I hope this is right ! I am not sure if there is a better fingering for it. A |---4-2-1-----6---8-6-4-3-4-9-11-9-8-6-4-2-1---6---4----| E |---------------1--------------------------------1------| C |-1-----------------------------------------------------| G...
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