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  1. pebbleInDaPacific

    To Sell or Not To Sell?

    So just wanted say thank you all for helping with my decision and I did find another way to fund my new ukulele by selling a guitarlele and one of my guitars lol. I just wanted to share my new beauty! Here is my KoAloha with a sneak peak of pix, not the greatest to show off it's grain, but this...
  2. pebbleInDaPacific

    To Sell or Not To Sell?

    Hi Everyone, just wanted to throw it out there to help me in my decision making. I'm currently torn between keeping my 2009 Kamaka Concert ukulele that I have but have never really played that it even smells brand spankin new. Over the years I have come to prefer playing the Tenor size and am...
  3. pebbleInDaPacific

    What happened to Tropical Storm Hawaii?...

    I was wondering the same thing, anyone know what's up with the site?
  4. pebbleInDaPacific

    Gourd Ukulele

    Has anyone seen this or have thoughts on it? They are Danny Ferrington Gourd Ukuleles. My sister told me they showed it on the morning news. They look pretty awesome but I wonder how they sound. :confused...
  5. pebbleInDaPacific

    Song Help Request Jack Johnson Medley - Angel/Better Together

    don't know if ever figured it out brah, but check this out and let me know if you think it flows, i'll pm you the chords if you would like.
  6. pebbleInDaPacific

    Angel / Better Together Jack Johnson Medley

    Just saw JJ last week in concert and he was awesome! Just another lunchtime jam. Hope you like it, or not. Thanks for viewing and any feedback! :o
  7. pebbleInDaPacific

    Home - Jack Johnson Cover

    Here is another car jam, with a few mistakes. Enjoy or not! Thanks for checking it out! :D
  8. pebbleInDaPacific

    First Ever Video - Banana Pancakes

    Hey everyone, I've been gone for a minute, but i'm back. :D I've been a member for a couple of years now and finally had the nerve to post up something of myself. Tell me what you think, all feedback, good or bad is welcome. I do want to thank this community for everything I have learned. Two...
  9. pebbleInDaPacific

    Keep the mojo vs. Restoration

    So I accidentally dropped my sheet holder while holding my uke and it caught the edge of my uke on the soundboard, chipping it a little on the corner of the front where the top meets the sides. I e-mailed Kamaka asking them if they could repair it and they said that what they could do is put...
  10. pebbleInDaPacific

    Saddle Grooves

    Hey gang, I want to know if anyone else has experienced this at one point or another and if it is a problem or not. I've tried searching, but can't find any clear answers. My Kamaka concert is about three months old and I have it strung with a low G, Worth Brown Med strings. Well, I was...
  11. pebbleInDaPacific

    Ukefest Seattle Dusty Strings

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to get the word out if you haven't heard about Ukefest at Dusty Strings in Fremont this weekend here in the Seattle area. Here is the link to the site and info. Should be fun!
  12. pebbleInDaPacific

    I Love you, Man...But don't touch my Uke!

    Ok, so everyone, I want your input on this one. I want to find out if i'm the only one here who thinks about this or if anyone else feels the same way. Does anyone else here get all uncomfortable when someone picks up their uke to strum it a few times to play a song? I kinda get touchy when...
  13. pebbleInDaPacific

    Song Help Request Any songs you'd like to learn?

    Great tune! I would like that too! along those lines also, Shape of My Heart. both by Sting.:D
  14. pebbleInDaPacific

    Song Help Request Need help on strumming I'm yours by jason mraz

    down, up (muted) 4 times, then switch to the next chord.
  15. pebbleInDaPacific

    First Act Brand

    Hey everyone, I've been noticing that Target and Toys R Us, are carrying a brand called First Act for starting instruments. I was in there the other day and They have everything from guitars, drums, harmonicas, and even bongos. Well, the other day I was at my sister's house and was playing...
  16. pebbleInDaPacific

    Ukulele Picture Chords Book

    Hi Everyone, Thought I'd share a little helpful book I got off of that i've been using for a few weeks now and is really helpful for beginners as well as seasoned ones. It's the Gig Bag Series For Ukulele picture chords. I don't know if everyone is familiar with this series, but it...
  17. pebbleInDaPacific

    Song Help Request Summer songs with friends

    Hi Weshwee, Welcome to UU. What you might have noticed is that "chill on the beach" songs are subjective and that everyone has an opinion on what they consider to be their ideal set list. "One man's treasure is another man's trash" An ideal you could try, if you are new to the forums is think...
  18. pebbleInDaPacific

    Kamaka Availability

    Curious Question for all the locals in Hawaii? Is it really difficult to get a new Kamaka at the authorized retailers there in the islands? I've seen and heard around that not only is it difficult to get them in other states nationwide, but also in Hawaii. Here in Washington though, the dealer I...
  19. pebbleInDaPacific

    Kamaka Factory Ukes Question

    Hey everyone I need help on something exciting. I just got engaged this weekend (yay!) and my girlfriend said she wanted to spoil me because I spoiled her the day I proposed. She said she'd buy me a Kamaka Uke! (yay!) So here's my question. There is a shop here that just received new ones and I...
  20. pebbleInDaPacific

    Low G Songs played with Low G

    These are the chords I use bro, but instead of a Dm7, I just use a Dm. youtube the songs to see different strum patterns. good luck!
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