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  1. MakeSweetMusic

    Hand-Painted Fishuku Soprano - Triggerfish design

    Hey Guys! Selling one of my ukes on Etsy... It's the Blue Humu Humu I thought for ease of purchase I would just post the Etsy link. I hope this is ok. There is no charge for S&H; comes with a case. Here is a demo video. Sorry if it's so simple and, and well, I cut my head off... looks...
  2. MakeSweetMusic

    Uke Shop in North Florida

    Ukulele Shop in Jacksonville, FL Hi Guys, Just wanna plug our 'ukulele shop in Jacksonville, FL. We have over 100 ukes in stock and seriously low prices! Check out our site... it's a 'ukulele luau! We are open by appointment, but if you live in the area or are...
  3. MakeSweetMusic

    Name suggestions for uke-painting biz

    Heya Guys! I hand-paint ukuleles, well, right now just Fishukus, but I plan to start painting Eddy Finn Minnows as soon as we get some in stock. Anyway, I really need some creative ideas for names. So if you guys have a few moments, please pop over to my site (link below), take a look around...
  4. MakeSweetMusic

    Hand-Painted Fishukus

    More pics... My personal favorite...
  5. MakeSweetMusic

    Hand-Painted Fishukus

    At the suggestion of a fellow UU'er, I'm just posting some pics of my hand-painted ukes... these are for sale, by the way... ahem ;) Thanks for looking!!
  6. MakeSweetMusic

    Hi there from Florida!

    Hello fellow UUers! I'm new to the ukulele and am still trying to find the one that sings to my heart. Been playin' guitar, drums, piano and dinkin' around with the bodhran from time to time for years now. But my Dad owns a music store here in Florida and recently started selling several...
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