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  1. frets alot

    New Uke Day (NUD) Belated NUD: Green Bird with Petros Bling

    Awesome, congratulations!
  2. frets alot

    Do you ever feel guilty?

    I know the feeling. I've/we've lived a very conservative life, but as a result now that we're retired, we are sitting pretty well. I have indulged in quite a few very nice instruments, and feel weird and guilty about each of them. But my husband is my biggest fan and he supports and encourages...
  3. frets alot

    New Uke Day (NUD) Romero Creations 6 String Baritone

    Curious, what is the nut width and vsl on these PR's?
  4. frets alot

    New Uke Day (NUD) Romero Creations 6 String Baritone

    What a find, congratulations! I love my two 6 stringers! Curious, what is the nut width and vsl on these PR's?
  5. frets alot

    New Uke Day (NUD) Pono BN4-2 from

    Kei, she's a beauty, for sure! Congratulations! I'm quite partial to Pono's myself. 👍😉
  6. frets alot

    Today's Chuckle

  7. frets alot

    Pet pictures time, people!

    Our 2 Standards love it when I share pieces of my apple with them (every time I have an apple). Here they are watching intensely for each piece. Such good boys. 🍎 🤎 🖤
  8. frets alot

    New Uke Day (NUD) KoAloha KTM-00

    It's gorgeous! Oh happy day! :giggle:
  9. frets alot

    Help Please - Nut fell off 😥

    And put it back in the correct orientation. 😉 Sometimes they aren't even glued. No big deal. A dab of glue will keep it there.
  10. frets alot

    Today's Chuckle

  11. frets alot

    Baritone cases

    In stock at Amazon...
  12. frets alot

    Baritone cases

    Backordered for all sellers? I know you can get them from all sorts of great dealers.
  13. frets alot

    New Uke Day (NUD) WHEW soprano

    Looks like with a little adjustment you'll have a nice little uke that far exceeds it's $33 price tag. Enjoy!
  14. frets alot

    Sold Pono MGS-K

    I agree with @Kei . Someone's going to get a sweet sounding mango Pono for a great price. I think she's cute.
  15. frets alot

    Today's Chuckle

  16. frets alot

    Baritone cases

    I have a couple of these Kala Transit Gigbags for my baritone guileles and just love them! Great protection, thick padding, yet not heavy like a hard case. The dimensions that are listed on the site indicate that your baritones would fit...
  17. frets alot

    New on UU

    Welcome to the forum Nina! Sounds like your music is keeping you quite busy. :)
  18. frets alot

    Today's Chuckle

  19. frets alot

    Hello From Montana

    Welcome! I'm a retired saxophone player too (alto). 🎷
  20. frets alot

    Journey Instruments OF660 travel guitar UPDATE!!!!!

    Looks great, congratulations!
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