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  1. Ken Middleton

    JOHNSON BOYS - Clawhammer

    JOHNSON BOYS Here's a well-known bluegrass tune I recorded recently. Just an improvisation. Played clawhammer. I first came across it in 1964. It was on the B side of "Island of Dreams" , a big hit for The Springfields in that year. I bought the record. The lead female singer of that group...
  2. Ken Middleton

    MY BACK PAGES - Collboration

    MY BACK PAGES - Collaboration Here's Aldrine, Seeso, Sebi, Baron, Dominator, Nigel, RussBuss, Kelly and me. Don't know how many of you caught this last week, but it is well worth looking at.
  3. Ken Middleton

    STREETS OF LONDON - Ukulele Festival of Scotland

    Another video from the recent Ukulele Festival of Scotland. A sad song fro 1969 by Ralph McTell.
  4. Ken Middleton

    I Am A Pilgrim

    JAKE, JAMES, TIM, HAL and KEN We're playing a slow, bluesy, Louisiana style version of I Am A Pilgrim during this year's Ukulele Festival of Scotland.
  5. Ken Middleton

    Two Irish traditional tunes

    Both recording are really excellent. Enjoyed them.
  6. Ken Middleton

    SOMETHING CELTIC - Ken, James and Anne

  7. Ken Middleton


    SNOWDROP Performed during the recent Scottish Ukulele Festival
  8. Ken Middleton

    CLARA - Review

    BLACKBIRD CLARA CONCERT UKE I have been fortunate enough to try quite a number of these ukes this year and I am impressed. Really impressed. I talked at length with Joe, the owner of Blackbird, at NAMM this year. Recently he gave me a lift back from the Reno Festival to San Francisco and we...
  9. Ken Middleton

    PROMISES TO KEEP - an improvisation

    Here's an improvisation I recorded a couple of days ago. It has an intro and then section A (8 bars) followed by section B (8 bars). Play section A and B again two more times and then play section A until the end. The piece is quite slow. Here are the basic chords: INTRO Dm / / / | Dm / /...
  10. Ken Middleton

    REVIEW - New Mike Pereira Tenor

    Here's a detailed review of my new tenor built by Mike Pereira. I have known Mike for a number of years and have played many of his instruments. This is the first one I have actually bought. The workmanship is flawless. He builds superb sounding instruments. Mike lives and works in...
  11. Ken Middleton

    Try playing along to this song

    DRY YOUR DARLIN'S EYES PLAY ALONG After the 4 bar into this song only uses 3 main chords: C, F and G7. Here are some tips to play along. 1. Start after the 4 bar introduction. 2. Sometimes the chord of C7 is added just before the chord of F. 3. It is slow with 3 beats to the bar. 4. Each...
  12. Ken Middleton

    Alternate tuning

    DIRTY OLD TOWN - Tenor Improvisation Here's a little tip that I use often. I have my uke tuned fCEA (high F). The 4th string is tuned down a full step. This means that I can use the F on the 4th string as a drone note and play in the key of F. Normally, to use the regular G 4th string as a...
  13. Ken Middleton

    BLUE MOON - improvisation

    Here's one of my favourite songs, written by Rogers and Hart in 1934. Both the strumming and the melody part are recorded live straight into camera.
  14. Ken Middleton

    OHANA TK-70BA - Review

    A new model from Ohana.
  15. Ken Middleton

    LIONEL, ANTOINE & KEN - Cheltenham 2014

    Another video recorded during the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain, earlier this year.
  16. Ken Middleton

    I'LL FLY AWAY - Czech Fest 2014

    I asked a bunch of my friends to join me on stage during the Saturday evening concert at the recent ukulele festival in Prague. The performers include: Tobias Elof, Ukulollo, Shelley Rickey, Peter Byrom, Les Hilton, Tim Cooke, UkuleleZaza and Nicolaj Wamberg. Hope you enjoy.
  17. Ken Middleton

    BLUE MOON - Czech Uke Fest

    Here's Francesco Albertazzi and I performing this class tune at the Czech Fest in Prague last weekend.
  18. Ken Middleton

    SMASH THE WINDOWS - Czech Uke Fest 2014

    Smash The Windows - Tobias, Nicolaj and Ken Recorded during the Saturday evening concert in Prague last weekend. I invited Elof and Wamberg to join me for this well-known Irish jig. What great musicians they are.
  19. Ken Middleton

    CZECH UKE FEST - Nico'o and Ken

    Last weekend was the 2nd Czech Festival, held at a brewery, in a village near Prague. What a wonderful festival it was. On Monday, all the performers except for Nico'o and I had left for home. Our flights were in the evening, so we decided to record something. We called this improvisation...
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