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  1. NewKid

    Where Are You Currently In Your Uke Buying/Selling

    I am down to one uke: 2013 LFDM custom and it is still the best uke I've ever played. However, if one of those Compass Rose mini-jumbo tenors with the Adirondack top and Cocobolo back and sides ever shows up in the market place, I might start panicking.
  2. NewKid

    UAS is real, let's discuss...

    Kala all solid mahogany tenor with a slotted headstock was one of my favorites before I got my custom LFDM. You are absolutely right in that a solid uke is good enough. I had 19 at one point and now just the LFDM tenor from 2013 and a sweet Kiwaya KTS-7 mahogany soprano.
  3. NewKid

    Sold ANOTHER PRICE DROP: Pops' UkeSA Custom Soprano - Mint/Like New condition - $575

    You have a lot of very cool non-Martin ukes.
  4. NewKid

    No longer available Ukiyo Vita Uke - Excellent condition

    Hi William, I’m glad you still have your Ukiyo Vita. As you said a few years ago, it was one serial number before or after mine. I hope you are doing well. Don
  5. NewKid

    No longer available Ukiyo Vita Uke - Excellent condition

    Oh my! Selling my Ukiyo Vita is my biggest ukulele regret. These are wonderful instruments with quite the punch and volume. Best of luck with the sale. The new owner will be getting a gem.
  6. NewKid

    New again to UU

    Thanks for the warm welcome UU! As requested, here are some pictures of my 2013 LFDM. It’s called the Melisa, after my lovely wife (who is blonde). I sent Luis a picture of Melisa and me and asked if he could make a blonde ukulele for me. I didn’t give any other specs than that. Here’s what...
  7. NewKid

    Sold Pohaku Cedar/Walnut Concert Ukulele - a beauty!

    Hi Glenn, I’m so glad you still have that Pohaku! Don
  8. NewKid

    Sold Kamaka Ohta-san HB-2

    I sold all my Tele’s and play bass for fun now.
  9. NewKid

    Sold Kamaka Ohta-san HB-2

    This is my kind of Ohta San. I didn’t know they even offered this no frills option. What other instruments are commanding your attention right now? Best of luck with the sale.
  10. NewKid

    Sold Collings UC1 -- EXCELLENT+ condition w/Collings hard case

    What a beauty! Do you have a Compass Rose tenor you’re also letting go by chance? I’m having a hard time letting go of my Kiwaya KTS-7. It’s a true work of art but I just play my LFDM tenor.
  11. NewKid

    Sold Pohaku Cedar/Walnut Concert Ukulele - a beauty!

    I had one of these in 2013. It had a Koa top and Pearwood body and it was sweet! Mr. Lakeside Glenn bought it from me later that same year. I hope he’s still enjoying it.
  12. NewKid

    UAS - No More!

    The only way I’ve discovered beating UAS is to replace looking for ukes with another habit, like playing ukes, walking or journaling. I’m down to two ukes myself with the Kiwaya on sale in the marketplace.
  13. NewKid

    New again to UU

    I had a crazy uke period from 2012 - 2015 and got up to 19 in my collection and I’m now down to two with one of them for sale here in the marketplace. So I’ve only visited the site a few times over the past 8 years and have cycled through mandolin, electric guitar, and electric bass during that...
  14. NewKid

    Sold Kiwaya KTS-7 Mint Condition

    Used Kiwaya KTS-7 Soprano Ukulele with Deluxe Ameritage case. This is a mint condition Japanese-built masterpiece that is lightly built and plays like a dream. I thought I would keep it forever but I only reach for my 2013 LFDM tenor. Solid Honduran mahogany wood body, neck and headstock...
  15. NewKid

    Ask the person after you a random question

    Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey When did you last eat a donut?
  16. NewKid

    New MB Up for Auction

    I haven’t been on the site in a while but I think this video is a wonderful tribute to Len. Congrats on whoever gets to take this ukulele home.
  17. NewKid

    How is your Compass Rose ukulele holding up?

    I had a Compass Rose Koa Tenor in 2013 but sold it during a tough financial period. I told myself one day I would buy a Micro Jumbo Tenor that's shaped like Rick Turner's acoustic guitar. This model is featured on his website but they have not made a uke in a year and have no plans to do so in...
  18. NewKid

    WTB Compass Rose Tenor Jumbo

    Please PM me if you have one you would like to move on. Thanks! Don
  19. NewKid

    The uke I miss the most

    My Ukiyo Vita Ukulele made by Marc Schoenberger is the uke I miss the most. It is now owned by a Dusty Strings employee in Seattle who bought it before the general public had a chance. A smart man! This Vita uke was between a soprano and concert size and had the seal-shaped sound holes and was...
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