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  1. Gonzofett

    I don't think this is cool at all

    ULTP is the worse. Over the holidays last year he had an option on his website, marked down to $60, on detail photos of any uke you want to see up close. Talk about trying to take advantage of the newbies into this hobby. Joel and Mim send detailed photos on your request on any uke they have in...
  2. Gonzofett

    NUD - Ohana TK50G and Pono MGTD Tenors

    Congrats! I recently got a Ohana 50G it was used a bit. Plays beautifully but due to the soft cedar the top has settled in with a mild wrinkle starting from under the bridge. It’s not noticeable until you look for it but once you see it it can’t be unseen. lol
  3. Gonzofett

    NUD FLIGHT Caraboa - SUS

    Ok, I’ve been really bad at posting about my NUD. I got so in to the new ukulele that I forget about posting. And then the next beautiful Uke catches my eye. But I think UAS is starting to subside a bit (I think) I’m starting to get really picky on what new ukes tovget mainly because I’m...
  4. Gonzofett

    Seems like Flight are getting in on the high-end market

    I know this is a thread from last year but instead of making a new one I’d just thought I’d add to this one. (Aloha City) has them available as far as I can see online in the states. In this groups opinion is this something I should jump on with preorder or wait until they are in stock and...
  5. Gonzofett

    Ukuleles in Las Vegas

    I have lived in Vegas for almost 3 years and avoid going to the strip as much as I can.
  6. Gonzofett

    Ukuleles in Las Vegas

    Yup. Thinking the same thing.
  7. Gonzofett

    Ukuleles in Las Vegas

    Josh, We be sending you a PM later today.
  8. Gonzofett

    Help fellow AnueNue Amm2 owners what hard case to purchase?

    “Captain Ukulele” aka Joel from The Ukulele Site saved the day. He upgraded us to a Oahu tenor with extra padding fitted in for its safe travels to Las Vegas. Thank you guys all for the replies and suggestions. Everyone’s paths that I have crossed in the Ukulele world has been so helpful and...
  9. Gonzofett

    Help fellow AnueNue Amm2 owners what hard case to purchase?

    It was Joel from there that has been in contact with me to let me know that they don’t have any hard cases that could fit it, he doesn’t feel comfortable with how tight of a fit and I completely trust his judgment. I am going to see if they will ship it in a tenor hard case with some extra...
  10. Gonzofett

    Help fellow AnueNue Amm2 owners what hard case to purchase?

    Greetings and salutations everyone, I have been looking all over the internets trying to find a case that’s long enough but can fit the lower bout of the Amm2. Hoping past or current owners can show me the hard case they keep theirs stored in. Thank you for any help. 🤞🙏 Looks like all the...
  11. Gonzofett

    Oops I'm developing UAS

    I don’t think anyone will talk you off that ledge.
  12. Gonzofett

    Did anyone else name their ukulele?

    When you own multiples of a thing it’s natural to want to name each one. Especially things as personal as musical instruments.
  13. Gonzofett

    Hey I’m the new gal

    Thank you all so much for the warm welcome. I’ve been reading new and old posts and oh my, there’s a lot of info to digest. I know basically to stay away from ULTP and Amazon. lol
  14. Gonzofett

    Did anyone else name their ukulele?

    I call it “my axe”
  15. Gonzofett

    Hey I’m the new gal

    Hello everyone just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Danielle, currently from Las Vegas but making my way back to central California, SLO to be exact. So strumming and picking in my ukulele friendly sauna/room 😄 damn it’s dry up here! Been playing since May once I received my first Uke. I...
  16. Gonzofett

    SOLD: ANueNue AMM3 Mahogany Tenor

    That is an amazing deal. I just purchased the AMM2 concert off of the AnueAnue website since I have a Kanile’a K1 tenor coming in next month. Wanted to upgrade from the Mitchell MU70 I’ve been playing on for 4 months. But I would be all over this if I hadn’t. I hope some lucky person gets this!
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