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    Please Tonclo NO p*** adds here!
  2. olivah

    The E- Chord - Is there an alternative?

    try 50 degrees barre chord Hello. This is the way I manage to play an E chord. With index do like a barre chord on second fret then tilt your finger just make sure the base of index is pressing the A string. That way it makes it easier to get other 3 fingers in line or doesn't it? anyway it...
  3. olivah

    Song Help Request what's the name of this chord?

    Thanks. Actually I am just trying to play Bob's rythm guitar part Not the version you usually find on the "waiting in vain" ukulele videos. For me it does kinda work JJ;)
  4. olivah

    Song Help Request what's the name of this chord?

    Hi all, Playing Bob Marley's "waiting in vain". The first chord is a Cm for sure. Other chord is A |3] E |4] C |5] G |6] Anyone know the name of this chord? Thanks Olivah
  5. olivah

    Song Help Request The La's "there she goes"

    Thanks sooo much Huna! Is that you on the vid? Olivah
  6. olivah

    Song Help Request The La's "there she goes"

    Hi, personally one of my favourite pop songs from the 80's. Does anyone one know the basic chords? Thanks Olivah
  7. olivah

    The ukulele museum

    Fun site (in french) by Tonton Remy. Ukulele through the history of art. Olivah
  8. olivah

    Natural mystic

    You're welcome Surfing. Thank YOU! Olivah
  9. olivah

    mental illness and power

    Watching Gaddafi on TV I wonder, does power drive people crazy or are crazy people driven to power?
  10. olivah

    To look or not to look?

    Hello everyone. I'm still a beginner and was wondering, is it better when practicing to look at your fingers or try not to? Olivah
  11. olivah

    Natural mystic

    Ooops noticed some errors:confused:fixed I hope. Sorry... Olivah
  12. olivah

    B. Marley - Forever loving Jah (fixed)

    B. Marley - Forever loving Jah (fixed)(fixed again) Hi, tried to fix the timing for this song... I know it's a beginners tab but some feedback would be nice. Thanks Olivah P.S : x is for chucking right? Intro twice (Bob scatting) D D D D D U D D U...
  13. olivah

    Natural mystic

    hi ukulista Cheick an Pape SURE! You should also listen to Cheick Lô I'm sure you will love
  14. olivah

    Natural mystic

    Bob Marley - Natural mystic Hi all. Here is a my new (fixed) attempt with Bob Marley's Natural Mystic. The chords are : A min, D min and E min. With a "pinky emulation" of the bass line. Barre chords will help. Hope you like it. Olivah...
  15. olivah

    A thought for all the kiwis

    Hope all you people from NZ and your families are safe.
  16. olivah

    My strange E chord

    Hi all does this qualify for an E chord:confused: cheers Olivah
  17. olivah

    what is the song you hate to love?

    Let's be honest, everyone has a song they hate to love... ok here's mine : Indeep "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life":confused: Not really grammy material huh? But that guy can('t) RAP!
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