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  1. eclecticbanjo

    Mysterious Barricades, Couperin

    My 3 part ensemble :)
  2. eclecticbanjo

    Alternate tunings to give more range?

    I’m still noodling over this quandary. I’m currently wondering if I were to get a guitalele would I be able to supply a baseline to a banjo’s melody line on songs? Banjo standard G=g4-D3-G3-B3-d4 Guitalele standard C tuning =A2-D3-G3-C4-E4-a4 I think the overlapping octave ranges might “get...
  3. eclecticbanjo

    3 Part Ensemble - Wayfaring Stranger

    Super excited to start mashing together parts. Ukulele part is played clawhammer style on a Luna Tenor.
  4. eclecticbanjo

    Do your ears hang low?

    Just posted, enjoy!
  5. eclecticbanjo

    Ukulele vs. the 5-string banjo

    Hope I’m not breaking any forum rules on this video posting, I do showcase the ukulele first though.
  6. eclecticbanjo

    Clawhammer style to A Tisket A Tasket

    It’s a tuner that fits on the side of the sound hole. It works great until it gets dislodged inside the body.
  7. eclecticbanjo

    Clawhammer style to A Tisket A Tasket

    Great tips!!! I think I need to play my tenor more and go down to lower keys.
  8. eclecticbanjo

    Clawhammer style to A Tisket A Tasket

    Working up my confidence in the clawhammer style as well as singing to my arrangements. I seriously lack confidence so my voice is quite faint, but perhaps I’ll improve over time.
  9. eclecticbanjo

    Help with Clawhammer Songs

    Yes I purchased Aaron Keim’s booklet and am drawing inspiration from his arrangements. I even added a lyrical arrangement to one of his pieces lately and am enjoying singing it to my girls. I guess my question was more related to a searchable database on UU. For those who are familiar with the...
  10. eclecticbanjo

    Clawhammer ukulele - Keep on the Sunny Side of Life

    I play instrumental first half and sing off key the second half of video :*( Enjoy!
  11. eclecticbanjo

    Help with Clawhammer Songs

    That’s very sweet and love the idea that people’s memories can live on through music. Thanks for sharing!
  12. eclecticbanjo

    Help with Clawhammer Songs

    Nice arrangement! Love the melody line. Did y’all ever pen lyrics?
  13. eclecticbanjo

    Help with Clawhammer Songs

    Ha, I’m the opposite. I couldn’t get into it with banjo but am really enjoying it on ukulele. I have about 5 clawhammer songs that I’m practicing with regularity now and its really fun. Not sure about playing any song with clawhammer. I guess that statement is technically true but I think...
  14. eclecticbanjo

    First Clawhammer Piece

    Played for my kids, they love singing along
  15. eclecticbanjo

    What aspect of a uke's construction controls how well the intonation is?

    didn’t care for the pinstripe around the sound hole compared to the rest of the Uke, the finish on the mahogany felt kind of Ho hum, wanted inlay markings on the 3rd and 12th frets, things like that. I did like the friction tuners, the 17 frets, the simplicity of design, the solid wood, and...
  16. eclecticbanjo

    What aspect of a uke's construction controls how well the intonation is?

    One of the ones I played at the store that had amazing intonation was a Martin S1 that went up to 17 frets, had a compensated saddle, might’ve had a neck with adjustable action, but all together was just a vastly superior instrument. I’ve been playing clawhammer style on my girls ukuleles and am...
  17. eclecticbanjo

    What aspect of a uke's construction controls how well the intonation is?

    I have some cheap Luna ukuleles I bought for Xmas for my girls which have horrible intonation when compared the open notes with their 12th fret octaves. I then had a chance to play some more expensive ukes the other day and found that their intonations were spot on. So it got me wondering what...
  18. eclecticbanjo

    Canon in C - Pachelbel

    Yep, tenor low G Luna, think it's the High Tide model
  19. eclecticbanjo

    5 string Uke good for clawhammer style?

    Curious if the high G is on top for a high G/low G course strings on 5 string ukes? If so, I imagine it would give strums more oomph.
  20. eclecticbanjo

    Do ukuleles have a “pre-war Gibson” analog like banjos do?

    Depends which vintage banjo player you ask, answers ranging from the neck wood and tone ring to every nut and bolt utilized. I personally think the most sound differentiation is derived from the things that can be controlled the most: bridge position, strings used, head type, action, where the...
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