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  1. Blank Williams

    Favorite uke and why?

    Probably my Hamano h100. It’s not the best sounding uke I’ve ever played (but it does sound nice), but it is the nicest feeling and playing uke I’ve owned, and I’ve really come to realize that I almost prefer playability and feel over tone these days. Oh and I got it from a really cool member...
  2. Blank Williams

    Sold Ken Timms mahogany soprano

    Well I finally got to try a Timms and unfortunately it’s just not for me. That said it is a great uke but I guess I just am more of a Kamaka/koa soprano guy. Overall excellent condition, but the bridge does appear to be lifting slightly. It came like this despite being listed as “mint”...
  3. Blank Williams

    Sold 2021-2022 AnueNue US200 Moonbird Soprano - $675

    Ugh if I hadn’t just snapped up a Timms, I’d be all over this. These are definitely on my bucket list. Good luck with the sale!
  4. Blank Williams

    Hello from Michigan!

    Welcome from Michigan as well!
  5. Blank Williams

    Guitar player turned uke player from Michigan

    Welcome, from a fellow Michigan player!
  6. Blank Williams

    Sold Kamaka white label pineapple

    Someone NEEDS to grab this! Especially if they’ve never played a Kamaka before. That’s a great price.
  7. Blank Williams

    Sold Kamaka white label pineapple

    Ugh if I was in the market for a new uke…I’m such a sucker for these older Kamakas. From all that I’ve played, these have been the best. Someone needs to grab this up fast!
  8. Blank Williams

    Ukulele trends and predictions for 2024 ?

    Finally someone gets it!
  9. Blank Williams

    Sold Martin 2k Koa Concert Ukulele

    I thought the pink card looked photoshopped a couple of days ago. I should have said something…
  10. Blank Williams

    Hello from Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Hey Ron. Greetings from Royal Oak, MI!
  11. Blank Williams

    For Sale Scammer alert

    Maybe he’s really Santa!
  12. Blank Williams

    For Sale Scammer alert

    Yup he also claims he knows someone selling the exact Martin I’m looking to buy. He’s been reported
  13. Blank Williams

    Wanted Martin 2m soprano (the more recent ones)

    Hey looking to see if anyone has any leads on or is selling one of the newer (last ten years) Martin 2 sopranos. I’ve been looking for a while but so far I have seen none come up for sale.
  14. Blank Williams

    What are YOUR favorite strings?

    Worth browns are the ones I use the most and probably my favorite overall but I like Aquila nylguts, Martin fluorocarbons, and Fremont black lines a lot too.
  15. Blank Williams

    musical influences

    Nirvana gave me a passion for music. I had never heard anything that immediately grabbed me like that band before. These days, even though I don’t play it on the ukulele punk rock remains my main musical influence, but I owe it all to Nirvana.
  16. Blank Williams

    Show us your couch uke

    Lately my “couch” uke has been a Martin oxk soprano thats coming apart at the seams.
  17. Blank Williams

    Wanted Hamano H-100 Soprano Ukulele

    Sorry it’s a keeper
  18. Blank Williams

    Wanted Hamano H-100 Soprano Ukulele

    I hope you find one, I absolutely adore mine.
  19. Blank Williams

    How many folks here have come to the ukulele from the guitar?

    I started on guitar, played for almost 20 years before taking up uke. I primarily play the ukulele these days but still play guitar here and there.
  20. Blank Williams

    If you could only have one.....and only one....what would it be?

    I had a vintage Kamaka soprano that I sold and have been just hoping will show back up for sale somewhere. That would be my one and only and the only uke I regret selling.
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