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    2 Questions about Stew Mac Concert

    The point of the side port is to give more highs to the player's ears (and this is the important part) in a larger space or in a noisy environment. In a regular room without other people playing or an audience that absorbs the sound a sound port is not as useful as there are reflections off the...
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    New to the forum

    At least you did not promise them both guitars.
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    Making tenor sides ?

    Quarter sawn? What is that?
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    Spruce for back, why not?

    The longer ones are Martin Size 5 shaped guitars, the two shorter ones my own design. One with pine but others spruce top, b&s's, neck.
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    Nail Biting Time

    I would add a brace.
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    Dowel Neck joint

    Google Translate Need to paste the link in.
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    Nail Biting Time

    Piece of cake. You will nail it.
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    What's happening in your shed?

    Actually not too bad wood in this one. I have a pallet guitar that is just looking for an appropriate top. Birch back and sides, neck from a dining table leg that I found at the side of the road, white oak for the fretboard. I have a cedar top on it right now but it was bought, maybe I should...
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    This looks like a a lot of fun.

    2024. Doing some time travel I guess.
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    Platetuning in Ukulelebuilding?

    Some people are gutless.
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    So slice the two ends off, missing the paint.
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    A Red Pine ukulele?

    Going down memory lane, 2x4 and a fence board. I had better luck in the project pine racks, a lot of trips to find them though. Only found two quartered 2x4's, one I...
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    A Red Pine ukulele?

    Get yourself a bottle of SuperSoft II, you will be needing it. Spray the sides, wrap in plastic food wrap, leave overnight and a half hour before bending. I have made a number of softwood guitars a little bigger than a baritone, I bend on a hot pipe with a damp rag over it. It is slower than...
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    No Saddle

    Lutes were built this way.
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    Zero Bracing?

    F = MA Just physics, you only have so much force in a nylon string to transmit into the top to get it to vibrate. The more mass the less acceleration (top movement). A top without braces needs to be thicker to deal with the tension on the top. The weight of a thinner top with braces will weigh...
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    Carving Back & Sides From A Single Block of Wood

    I carved out a guitar body and since then I learned how to build instruments. No disregard to Pete, I liked what he came up with, but otherwise I do not think it as a better way to build a uke. In a traditional build you use the wood to its best advantage. Carving out of a single piece has the...
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    Building a Ukulele with Sustain

    Think Les Paul, the heavier (and stiffer) the bridge end of things the less energy taken out of the strings the longer they sustain. The downside is that playing a LP acoustically is not that loud. So you have to balance your sustain against the amount of sound you want to get out. Is this for...
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    What's happening in your shed?

    I am getting close to the point of dealing with a bevel on a guitar, will be watching.
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    Dangerous stuff making ukuleles.

    No joke. And does not need to be over time, at least not wood related. Could have other things 'prime' your immune system and a well timed exposure to another allergen can push you over the edge. My nervous system dealing with a few bouts (different chemical but same type of response) has my...
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    Dangerous stuff making ukuleles.

    On the dust collector leakage, had the same problem with mine. Only after cutting maple and running through a drum sander to laminate with, I found a thin layer of maple dust everywhere.
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