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  1. bacchettadavid

    Greetings from Wellington (West Palm Beach), FL

    Wolfe Guitars in Jupiter or Penny Lane Music Emporium in Oakland Park. I’d offer my own services but I’m in the process of moving and my tools are boxed up right now.
  2. bacchettadavid

    New Ukes Day - Which Martin Mahogany Tenor Sounds Best

    I just realized I forgot to include my personal preference: #1, all the way.
  3. bacchettadavid

    New Ukes Day - Which Martin Mahogany Tenor Sounds Best

    My preference would depend on musical context. The comparatively restrained, focused tone of #1 sounds so at ease and would likely sit better in a busier mix with less EQ. The richer, more overtone-laden timbre of #2 sounds fuller and might work better when more coverage is needed.
  4. bacchettadavid

    Who snagged the 'Oli spruce & flame maple tenor?

    @Ukrlover2023 You made a wonderful selection. I hope you'll post a NUD once you and the instrument become acclimated so that I might experience it vicariously. :LOL:
  5. bacchettadavid

    Who snagged the 'Oli spruce & flame maple tenor?

    Noticed this morning that a uke I was watching for about a week had sold. I'm wondering if this uke went to one of the regulars here: Oli Spruce Flame Maple Tenor (L2-TSFM 0125) I was watching it closely but decided against it for reasons of personal fit. Whoever snagged it is getting one...
  6. bacchettadavid

    Electric only Uke experiences?

    Ko’olau channeled electric CE-1 player chiming in. Assuming your acoustic uke can be used electroacoustically, here is an easy alternative solution: plug your current uke in, turn up the gain and level, and don a pair of headphones. You can then allow the preamp to do the heavy lifting of...
  7. bacchettadavid

    Sold Ken Timms mahogany soprano

    Wonderful uke! This won’t last long.
  8. bacchettadavid

    Olis for all!

    Beautiful koa on those. I’ve been watching a few myself. I wish ‘Oli offered ‘ukulele with a 35mm or 1 3/8” nut.
  9. bacchettadavid

    Hi, from Ocala, FL

    Welcome from a fellow Floridian, Dayan! I live in Belle Glade, so South Florida albeit inland. I live approximately 35 miles west of Wellington, where the polo grounds are the former equestrian capital of the state are located. I’ve been to Ocala a few times over the years and have always...
  10. bacchettadavid

    For Sale $1399 James Curtis-Island Tenor ukulele 2023 - RED

    What is the nut width and depth of the neck at the first fret?
  11. bacchettadavid

    Price Drop WJ Herringe Tenor Ukulele

    What is the width of the nut, overall string spacing @ the nut, and overall string spacing at the saddle? I might be interested.
  12. bacchettadavid

    DGBE Tuning On a Tenor

    Anytime, @BiosphereDecay . Happy to be of assistance. Nylons can sometimes be remounted, especially if your knots are loose. Intonation may suffer a bit, but you may be able to loosen and remount the strings once the beads come in. Even if it doesn’t work out, you may be able to buy singles...
  13. bacchettadavid

    DGBE Tuning On a Tenor

    The difference in dynamic envelope is part of why I prefer unwound strings. Re: the bridge slot and string knot issue....measure the width of the openings in the bridge. You might be able to squeeze a 2.5 mm metal bead inside the hole. if you can, you can run the string through the bead, tie...
  14. bacchettadavid

    Is there a Ukulele Underground discord?

    There was a short-lived Discord experiment here when the future of the forum seemed uncertain back in 2020. It wasn’t a replacement for the forum, but it did see sporadic activity for a couple of years. If you still want to join, PM me your Discord username, and I’ll try to invite you. No...
  15. bacchettadavid


    Thank you for sharing this. Witnessing more musical practitioner receive an introduction to Hindustani is a wonderful development.
  16. bacchettadavid

    DGBE Tuning On a Tenor

    Read on only if you’re serious about wound trebles (warning: fear of missing out ahead)… Look into Thomastik-Infeld and Guadalupe Custom Strings. They both supply wound trebles in certain product lines, and Guadalupe may even be able to supply them in red. These strings are expensive and...
  17. bacchettadavid

    How many of you actually have custom luthier built ukes?

    In various senses, four of the five ‘ukulele in my stable are custom, luthier-built instruments: three ukes built and finished by prominent 2-person teams likely with occasional assistance from within their immediate circles. All three are variations on catalog models elevated by special...
  18. bacchettadavid

    DGBE Tuning On a Tenor

    ‘Ukulele looks like it belongs in a biker gang! You were on to something with the red strings on a black uke. I was thinking they’d sound good; I like bright strings on Novas.
  19. bacchettadavid

    DGBE Tuning On a Tenor

    Nice! The strings will need some time to stretch and settle. I’m curious to read your thoughts on the quality of the low-pitched tones when played on a Nova once the strings settle.
  20. bacchettadavid

    DGBE Tuning On a Tenor

    Nice! I was about to say you just needed to stretch it out to bring it up to tension. Nylons stretch a lot.
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