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  1. menehunenyc


    Shambala: Three dog night Tabs by Kevin Heidel aka menehunenyc on YouTube and UkuleleUnderground Play intro twice through... TIP...
  2. menehunenyc

    Lets Dance - Jake cover

    Finally!!! I got 'Lets Dance' by Jake S., with special thanks to Dominator for all his help. Here it is.:cool:
  3. menehunenyc

    I Will - cover

    Here is my latest posting, a cover of L&M's I will. Hope you like... I Will
  4. menehunenyc

    UU Tour October 2009!

    Awesome, Your Brooklyn gig is 5 blocks from my job. If I can get away, I'll be there with uke in tow. Can't wait!
  5. menehunenyc

    I'll stand by you - cover

    here is my lastest upload folks. Comments and critiques most welcome. Thanks, Menehunenyc
  6. menehunenyc


    Here is my latest youtube post: edelweiss
  7. menehunenyc

    Shambala cover

    Hey guys, just posted a video, first one in 6 months, yikes. hopefully the next one won't be so long in coming. Comments and critiques most welcome!! Shambala: Three Dog Night
  8. menehunenyc

    NYC ukulele festival

    Great job steve with all of those vids!! It was a fantastic festival, I think next year they will need a bigger space, more advertising is needed to let all the uke players in NYC know about it, there are alot more of us than who showed up.
  9. menehunenyc

    NYC ukulele festival

    Im sorry...that is just so wrong... :p
  10. menehunenyc

    NYC ukulele festival

    Well I made it folks to the latter half of the NYC Uke Fest and it rocked. Sat in on a fun workshop led by Victoria Vox, got to hang out with Jumpin Jim Beloff, rubbed shoulder with Bill Tapia. The concert was amazing, all the groups were spectacular, downright spiritual at times. I wish I had...
  11. menehunenyc

    NYC ukulele festival

    They also said on the website that online prices will be honored at the door to encourage a bigger turnout. MY paypal account wasn't working, so that is my only option. I can't do the whole 3 day experience, just Saturday afternoon/evening. :nana:
  12. menehunenyc

    NYC ukulele festival

    Missed yesterday's festivities, am heading out today to catch the late afternoon workshops and screening of "The Mighty Uke". Hope to catch a glimpse of Julia Nunes, and especially Billy Tapia's performance!! I'm so psyched!!:smileybounce:
  13. menehunenyc

    Song Help Request Stop Dragging My Heart Around

    Excellent!!!! I can start on this soon. I must have been on the wrong websites. Thanks for finding that for me.:shaka:
  14. menehunenyc

    Song Help Request A couple hapa haole tunes

    I got a few on utube, just follow the link below to my page...good luck
  15. menehunenyc

    Song Help Request Stop Dragging My Heart Around

    Does anybody have tabs for "Stop Dragging my Heart around" by Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks. I want to collab with someone special... Thanks guys,:shaka: Menehunenyc
  16. menehunenyc

    New York uke players

    count me in, Tues Weds during the early afternoon, select weekends, will have to plan in advance to give me a chance to butter up the wife to let me go, lol:rotfl:
  17. menehunenyc

    Knock on Heavens Door

    I hope he doesn't mind, but olu143 posted a great rendition with a friend of his. Lets give him his props!!:shaka:
  18. menehunenyc

    Young Blackbird cover

    check out this young kids version of blackbird. He doesn't pick, but he's got the chords and the voice.
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