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  1. Mercury59

    NGD - Squier Paranormal Super-Sonic

    Originally introduced by Fender Japan in the late 90's, as part of its Squier Vista series, this model was first re-released in 2014 with the Fender Pawn Shop range, and again in 2020 by Squier, as part of its Paranormal series. I've been wanting one of these reverse headstock offsets since the...
  2. Mercury59

    Long neck Soprano or small body Concert?

  3. Mercury59

    What is your most expensive hobby?

    Fender and Gibson. I have a few. 😅
  4. Mercury59

    Long Neck Soprano question

    I have a couple of longnecks. Their voicing is somewhere in between a standard soprano and a concert, due to their extra scale length, but still with that sweet, sweet, soprano tone, because of their smaller bodies.
  5. Mercury59

    Post Your Bass Pics!

    I've got one of these. Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar P/J short scale.
  6. Mercury59

    How many folks here have come to the ukulele from the guitar?

    I went the other way. Still love uke though.
  7. Mercury59

    GAS, UAS has a big brother

    Did you know that Rick Nielsen, lead guitarist for Cheap Trick, once had over 2,000 axes in his collection? :oops: Now down to around 400, according to him. The battle between the love of guitar (or ukulele, etc, as the case may be), and the love of guitars, is real.
  8. Mercury59

    [POLL] What size ukulele do you prefer?

    I have a thing for long-neck sopranos.
  9. Mercury59

    New Uke Day (NUD) NPD (New Pedal Day)! Hotone Ampero One Multi Effects Pedal

    You can't beat a good multi-effects processor. Unfamiliar with this product, but I know Hotone makes some great hybrid mini tube amps.
  10. Mercury59

    Maybe this baritone uke will cure my UAS

    There is no cure.
  11. Mercury59

    Do YOU think a strap button devalues the instrument?

    If it comes like that stock, then no. Except for solid-body, electric instruments.
  12. Mercury59

    What artist’s songs do you play the most?

    This guy's.
  13. Mercury59

    Is there a way to strum and immediately mute the sound (not chucking)

    For open chords, train your pinkie to mute the strings. With barre chords, simply release the pressure on the fretboard by slightly lifting your fingers, after playing.
  14. Mercury59

    New Uke Day (NUD) Koaloha Naupaka

    Very striking. Congrats and enjoy!
  15. Mercury59

    New Uke Day (NUD) Unplanned impulse NTMUD / NUD - Kala GATU thinbody

    Yeah, mine was quite rough looking, with splinters and chips everywhere. Must be a quality-control issue, unlike the spruce-top travel models, which are flawlessly finished. Perhaps made in a different factory?
  16. Mercury59

    New Uke Day (NUD) Unplanned impulse NTMUD / NUD - Kala GATU thinbody

    Very nice, I had bought the exotic mahogany model during Covid lockdown, but it was a bit beaten up, so returned it.
  17. Mercury59

    Flat Fret Board or Radius

  18. Mercury59

    Flat Fret Board or Radius

    On such a small instrument, what advantage is there in having a radiused fretboard?
  19. Mercury59

    Any George Formby fans here?

    He's my hero.
  20. Mercury59

    UAS Cured---Enjoying Uke Much More

    I don't drink, smoke, or live ostentatiously. Ukes are so relatively small and cheap, that I don't get hung up by UAS, or any other angst, due to owning a few of them.
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